What are you up to?

Had our fixture cancelled this weekend (rugby), so I am at a loose end. Not much choice but to open a Malrborough sauvignon blanc. Very rare to have a Saturday free.

So the question is what are fellow RR's doing today?
Lying in bed in a pub/hotel near the Welsh border, drinking a cup of tea, listening to Radio 4 and chatting to a fellow Rum Rationer.
Little brothers semi final football match was called off due to frozen pitch..So i worked this morning, painted a Mercedes some dodgy colour of yellow.

Then watched United lose to Liverpool, Now chilling with a brew as a ponder what to make for tea.

Tonight i am going to a mates house to crack open a few cans and watch the Boxing.
Sitting in the dinning room trying to finish off some assignments for a course I'm doing. Plus listening to the fitba and thinking about pub/living room, Blockbuster/cinema, Indian/Chinese.

It's a hard life trying to make your mind up.
Fitba for fannies. Blockbuster-ISOHUNT and download the latest. Indian/Chinese-depends if drunk me thinks an Indian.

Might go into life councelling!!!
Watched Man Utd crash out the cup :-D, went for a run (bloody freezing but at least the scenery was good) and this evening I'm going to chill out with a couple of beers, a film and nice bit of salmon.

A productive day I feel.
Having noticed that the deposit for the piss up was supposed to be in today...Jumped onto the bike and whizzed down to Waterlooville, dropped off deposit...spun some dits with an old oppo, jumped on the bike and whizzed home again...round trip of 230 miles...great day out......although I was a tad ******* freezing by the time I got home.

Guiness on the 9th shipwreck!!

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