What are you meant to wear for PRNC?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JDW, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. JDW


    I mean, on entry when your on your way to the location via train. It says something about shirt with collar attached but it is not very clear on it. Do you have to wear shirt and tie and suit jacket as well? What did you wear?

  2. Nix and flip-flops. Next?
  3. Jock strap and bowler hat?
  4. Wear what it says. I am sure there will be no hidden meaning to catch you out.

    Did you get the notification delivered in the correct language? If not contact your AFCO and I'm sure they will send it in braille or text speak, whichever is your preferred medium!!!
  5. The two replies thus far whilst bieng comical are of course flippant.
    What you should strive to portray is smart but practical.
    I always found A loose fitting dress with a decent pair of thigh length boots to be fetching.
    And a sword. Always carry a sword. Mine is Pork but very practical.
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  6. Where it says short with collar attached it means wear a shirt with a collar.. The guys on my PRNC all wore suits and ties x
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not very clear? You sure about that Lofty?

    Copy of the letter below:

    - it doesn't mention coat, vest, nicks or socks either, nor the fact that jacket, bowler, top hat or tails are optional.
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  8. What a gash reply, you never came near mentioning the sword.
    No wonder there's a whole generation growing up damaged.
  9. If you're under 18 your only allowed a dirk, a photo of Mr Bogarde will suffice.
  10. JDW


    Haha thanks for replies, you know after reading it over again, it does make sense and is acutely quite clear. Maybe a little pitcture on the side of future letters, just a suggestion.
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  11. You mean pictograms for the hard of reading?
  12. You could have posted that in my make Rumrat rich post.
    How uncaring.
  13. You do it, if it takes off we'll go halvers.
  14. Dear God - a PICTURE ffs! Please, PLEASE tell me this is a bite and I have just been gaffed!
  15. Sit down oppo and have a cup of tea.
    Now look at the bigger picture ( see what I did there?).
    All early learning books have picture, and not everyone develops at the same rate.
    This lad may be a bit of a late runner but given enough pink fluffiness in his life may well obtain his goals.
    Now its obvious he will not get any special love from you but if he's skin I'm sure we can find him a mentor on this forum somewhere....
    Type 42, where are you, Thingy you're needed,.......
  16. Dear oh dear.. if you can't follow simple instructions then you aint gonna last long in Her Majesty's Navy. Did it SAY jacket? NO! so there's no requirement to.. but if you want to wear a jacket, then I doubt there will be an issue with that. When all else fails,
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2013
  17. Ah, happy (pink) days. I actually thought that dear old Thingy brought a certain 'something' to the posts wth his carefully worded grooming statements!!
  18. i was wondering if anyone knows if you need to get rid of facial hair and get your hair graded for the prnc or is that just for basic training? it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere.
  19. I assume by the time it was written, you were very pissed??
  20. It's always been a source of amusement to me that we are always told the old ******* are intolerant and homophobic and that the worlds moved on.
    In the day we never give a **** (well I didn't) if a bloke was as gay as a cuckoo as long as he never tried to pork us, and as you say Thingy was a funny ******.
    It was if I recall the younger members who drove the outrage bus as it "drove" him off the site.
    Should we start a "Bring back the Thing" thread? He certainly brightened things up.

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