What are you listening to at the moment?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ElectroDreams, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Couldn't find a forum part for music so slapped it in here, just curious to know what everyone is into...

    I have Tiesto - In search of sunrise 4 playing at the moment
  2. Sven Vath live at timewarp germany :D
  3. I like both types of music, country and western.
  4. juicebox by the strokes
  5. Cormac McCarthy - The Road. Audiobooks - for the lazy literati.
  6. The sound of my heart beating as i try to thrap one out before erindoors gets home, :twisted:
  7. as i lay dying - forsaken
  8. is that from the "Kinks"
  9. Nice mate! I have got some Armin Van Buuren on at the moment! I am off to Ibiza on the 31st July, hopefully my last holiday before joining the RN!
  10. nope
  11. DEBUSSY: Clair de Lune
  12. Midsummer murders
  13. Isnt that a gash TV programme???
  14. Good stuff, I was there last August and it was amazing. My mates are trying to get me to go during summer leave but I won't be able to afford it :-(
  15. I have never been before! I thought i better go before joining the navy as i don't know when i would be able to go again. I hope it's as good as people say?!
  16. It is, I didn't want to come home. make sure you visit as many different clubs as you can. Amnesia in my opinion was the best club
  17. But how did you remember it was the best club???? :wink: :wink:
  18. Aye but better than this fecking dance crap
  19. Well get yourself some Debussy or something to chill you out. Failing that go and spank the monkey!!! :D
  20. Tis not dance it's Trance :p

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