What are you doing right this instant?


I've often wondered what people are up to when contributing to the forums. (Apart from contributing to the forums).

I mean: are you at work? (Why aren't you working?), are you at home? (retired/sick/skyving?), do you only visit RR at the weekends?

Me? - I only add to the threads at work. I've got far better things to do at the weekend! It's a shame I'm so busy at work though - it means I can't engage in some of the threads as much as I wish. - (Does that make me a lurker? - probably!). I only dip in and out of the threads as short mental breaks from the cut and thrust of the day job - The inane rantings of certain members are a never ending source of amusement!

Anyway - just a thought.
I am on my off time from work, so when I am at home I have nothing really to do all day except go to the gym, have a looong executive lunch then piss about on the internet etc. Life's a loaf and RR comes in handy for a good bit of banter, no matter how fluent you are in a foreign language it just aint the same giving shit to people in your own tongue.
Sitting in the office in a large Naval Base.

If anyone asks, I tell them I'm examining threads to see what opinions there are concerning the RN and to see if advice can be given on certain issues.

No, really.


War Hero
On a break between bits of work. My days are very long out here and waiting around for the locals to turn up for meetings, training, etc is worse than watching paint dry. :roll:

Sat on ship having a quick loaf after writing yet another Opdef - all whilst nursing Hangover from hell and yes it is 1515 and I still feel like s**t
Between the mental stress of working for a bank and the boredom of dealing the depressing civvie colleagues, RR gives me the opporchancity (I love that word) to speak with people I can relate to.

Any chance of becoming a Mod, so I can do this full time? Im only after £30k p/a, a company car and final salary pension :D


Lantern Swinger
Supposed to be doing project work but thought i'd have a look to see if anyone here could help. usually though i concentrate on my knee rehab for the rnft!!!!! AARRRGGGHHH


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Went out on site this morning to check it out, I have two gangs up in the roof throwing in gas pipe.
One of the apprentices has a habit of waving at me whenever he sees me, so in the week I took him to one side and told him to stop it as he looked stupid.
Anyway as I drove off site today I looked up and there were five airy arsed pipe fitters hand in the air waving away with big grins on their faces.
Was funny

fishmiester said:
Sat on ship having a quick loaf after writing yet another Opdef - all whilst nursing Hangover from hell and yes it is 1515 and I still feel like s**t
Ferkin hell, OPDEF, now that brings back some memories...
I only work part time :( At least right now i don't have a load of patients who tell me how to do my job and think they're all biochemists because they pissed into a bottle.

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