What are they smoking down at Bath ?

Didnt bath close many many years ago?
'Tis true.

MOD confirms the vacation of sites in Bath
MOD UK 7 Jul 2011 said:
The Ministry of Defence today confirmed the move of MOD staff from Bath to Abbey Wood, Bristol, by March 2013.
1,400 people currently employed by the MOD at three sites in Bath (Ensleigh, Foxhill and Warminster Road) will relocate to modern and environmentally-sustainable offices in Bristol, saving around £39.5m over 15 years and contributing to the MOD’s continued rationalisation of the Defence estate...
This decision follows the Strategic Defence and Security Review announced in October 2010, which will result in the reduction of MOD staff numbers, including those based at Abbey Wood over the next four years. This has enabled Defence Equipment and Support to open up office space at Abbey Wood for other MOD organisations.


Lantern Swinger
If we do manage to have fusion reactors by 2050 we'll need these for the war with Greenpeace when they're no longer able to moan about carbon emissions and instead turn into full on Malthusians.
I found Bath most interesting.
The first female doctor I'd come across--the pretty wren had very cold hands and at Corsham the first female mens hairdresser(sic). I seem to think she was called Phoebe-or something equally ghastly.
The Bath Girls School had been evacuated to Longleat so had been deprived of male company. Royal Arthur catered for their needs. Particularly agreeable for the vicarious thrill of giving the Army Officers' School girls one-or two, if the 2300 return permitted
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