What are the top 5 on your top 25 most played and why


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I also like having CDs of my music but they are on their way out. The great thing about digital media though, is that you don't have to buy entire albums anymore, just songs you like. AND, you have it almost instantly, no more HMV scouring!

Yes, but that's half the fun!


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Thank you. A very helpful post, and not taking the piss half as much as I would!

~(1) This is where I start getting confused. I don't quite understand 'at any one time'. I want it all to be available at some time, but no huge need for prioritisation. Just the stuff I like to be available.
~(2) Nah. Just music. Don't do games, and having to much stuff available will only confuse me. The Play/Stop/FF/RWind/Pause sounds useful, if not essential.
~(3) Not really. I won't be using it on the bus to annoy people.

Thanks again. Very kind.

PM incoming Guzzler.

And contrary to popular opinion (ahem :slow: ) I can be quite nice when I want to be! :-D


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Manly listen to the ipod when I'm on the bike so it has to be quite loud and fast,

Tattoo'd Lady..............Rory Gallagher
Sultans of Swing.........Dire Straits
Baggy Trousers...........Madness
A kind of Magic............Queen
Let me entertain you....Robbie Williams

Or if I'm sat in the car being sensible...Abba's greatest hits.


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Biscuit Barrel - China Drum
Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin
Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver - Elbow
The Last of the International Playboys - Morrissey
Underwear - Pulp

I've cheated a bit. These are the last five songs i played.


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1. Baby I'm a fool - Melody Gardot - she has a great voice
2. Play on - Paloma Faith - she also has a great voice
3. Prayin - Plan B - cheers me up
4. Black boys on mopeds - Sinead O'Connor - I'm trying to learn acoustic guitar and she has some great old classic stuff to emulate
5. Suit for Cello No1 in G Major - Yo Yo Ma ....................Followed by loads more Yo Yo Ma..... I've been listening to music whilst I work lately in the office and it only helps me to concentrate when there are no words so I can't sing along so classical stuff is great, the problem is I love this and I keep stopping work just to focus on the music!!