What are the odds on living

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by WreckerL, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. Place your bets on this guy's chances of survival

  2. hahahahahahahaha

    Slim to none springs to mind.
  3. Hmm not good....... Do you think the Surgeon is saying to the nurse can you stop watching Eastenders now and return to the job in hand ?
  4. Probably not Eastenders, Fresh Prince of Bel Air maybe.
  5. The phrase " Snowball and Hell does spring to moind :D

    Just not his day was it? :twisted:
  6. He may have stood a chance if the Domino's Pizza's hadn't just arrived!
  7. Chickens coming home to roost :lol:
  8. Kentucky Fried if they don't put that burning cross out ! :lol:
  9. Apparently he only walked in for his Flu Jab, too. 8O
  10. You've got it all wrong. He was just dressing up as a ghost to entertain the kids in paediatrics and there was a bit of a misunderstanding.
  11. None at all.

    Why is that surgeon doing chest compressions on the patient's leg?

    Edit to say: I hate to think where he's doing his rescue breaths.
  12. He's not; he's feeling for his wallet.
  13. Think I've seen one of these at the top Bugis St next to Larong 6 for stricken and infected Jacks!
    They could only get Nigerian doctors, you know,those who passed the 11 + but could get no further so they came to the UK with a full surgical degree!
  14. He is fooked.
  15. Wrong place,wrong time
  16. You know when and where it was? My guess was Kingston Jamaica, 2310 last Saturday.

    When's the funeral?

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