what are the main duties of a casing officer?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by twjmaster, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. I got speaking to a chap the other day who introduced himself as a casing officer, but he had to leave before he could explain what the job involves.
  2. Junior warfare officers job. Mainly involves getting in the way when leaving/entering harbour and be shouted at by the Skipper and the Scratcher :lol:
  3. In my day, as Casing Officer in SSKs (conventional boats) I was responsible for the upperdeck (casing crew) when mooring, anchoring, etc. It was also my job to crawl through the casing, between the pressure hull and the casing upper deck, in order to ensure that there was no loose gear - stuff that could rattle and make a noise thus giving us away to an enemy operating passive sonar detection. Probably the lowest of the low in the Wardroom hierarchy.
  4. I'm filling up now,sniff sniff. :cry:
  5. I had several Casing officers working alongside me when I was Scratcher but never saw one doing this.They were at their handiest when chucking out the salutes when on a jolly before the skipper and jimmy had come down from the bridge.On an SSK there was little else the junior seaman officer could do at Harbour Stations as he would not be trusted with the navigation and there was no room on the bridge.
  6. I bloody new it! 39 years on and I now realise that the CO, LT CDR Geoffrey Biggs, aka 'Beasty Biggs' RIP Great Man - only ordered me to do the casing crawl because I was a newly SM-qualified RNR List One LT - and my regular 'day job' was Senior Second Officer of a mighty P&O passenger ship.....
    Last time I saw Beastie Biggs was in the fore-ends of Valiant in '73. We were both sleeping on Mk8s at the time, and I had just qualified Nuclear. My day job was then First Officer of another mighty P&O. If memory serves me right, he was COS to FOSM at the time. Good times - some of the best!
  7. As most CASO's are either doing part III or just done it, you do what the Scratcher tells you as he usually has 20 years more experience than you!!!! Plus it stops you getting in the shit when the XO asks you about the casing crawl you were supposed to have signed for!!!! Once you get a bit more experienced you may get a bit more involved in the tile surveys, maintenance side etc so that you can goto the Plan Of The Day and say something useful rather than sitting there pretending you know what your doing. Also means that alongside things get done when people go on leave and at sea during workup etc the scratcher can get a bit of a break from boat transfers!

    Also on coming into harbour once you know what your doing its your job to filter the XO's screaming rants at the Casing party into meaningful instructions!!

    Technically your also responsible for ensuring the casing party are safe. when fresh out the box your be more of a liability than anyone there!!! But again once youve got a bit of experience you can keep a better eye on things and stop people doing the odd stupid thing out of complacency/tiredness etc.
  8. Nice one DD Beastly was the skipper on the Otus for a short period in the late 60s great guy.
  9. Better known as "GJO" (Gash Jobs Officer) :twisted:
  10. Well I did the odd casing crawl on both a P boat and an SSN, though there were more places on an SSN I could not get my corpulent bulk into. (I once lined the duty watch up to select the smallest to go into the back of the fin to recover a crushed but still very noisy WD40 tin some greeny had Left in the fin.)
  13. The job of the CASO is to take s**t from the XO on the bridge, usually to the amusement of the Scratcher. If PO UC1 M*** from HMS Trafalgar in the mid 80's ever reads this.....the experience scared me for life.
  14. That is a junior dabber's job. Take shit from all on board until good enough to give shit to everyone else!!
  15. Sum it up in seven words. To 'stand by the fin and look keen'!
    AND whatever you do DON'T stand in direct line of recoil or a bight AND get the beer in for the casing party!

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