what are the entry requirements for being a pilot

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by crazyman, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. i may as well admit i wear glasses i have slightly under standard sight but its not bad

    at the moment im 19 years old can someone tell me what the entry requirements are

    and what sort of fitness is involved.

    pretty much can anyone tell me anything
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Look here


    The best place to start is obviously the careers office, they will have the latest info with regard to medical requirements, I am fairly sure that when you start aircrew training your eye sight has to be 20/20 without corrective lenses!

    If your eye sight is acceptable you will need to pass aircrew selection, this is a bunch of mental agility and physical coordination tests, make sure your mental arithmetic is up to scratch, lots of speed, distance, time questions, they say that practising computer games can improve you coordination skills.

    As well as aircrew tests you have to pass the AIB this is most peoples stumbling point< they are looking for Officers, so you must demonstrate, leadership skills, mental agility, intelligence, a knowledge of current affairs and all round sound character ( I really don't know why, I have met very few officers with any of these skills!!!!!!)

    At the AIB you are required to carry out a multi-stage fitness test (bleep test) to your limit, so basically be as fit as you possibly can be, I would suggest at your age you need to be achieving around level 12 minimum or running a mile and a half in less than 9 minutes. RN fitness test gives you around 11 mins I think.

    Hope this helps, but you really need to visit a careers office.
  3. i think the sight bit is the buggrer im about 1 line off 20/20

    9 and a half minute mile thats quick but possible with a lot of extra running
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    The fitness thing is just my estimate, you don't need to be superman but you do need to look like you have put the effort in, I am a "little" older than you and I get 12.35 mins to run the mile and a half, it takes me less. When I did my Senior rates leadership course I was 35 I did it in 9.04 mins and I wasn't the fastest there.

    The AIB is not looking for commandos, they are looking for people with potential, it's just down to you to show them you have potential, preparedness is definitely a good start point. You wouldn't want to bang out of your fitness test at around the 7-8 mark......this is the level expected of a 40 year old!

    your eye sight may not be a problem, you need to speak with careers service guys.
  5. I may be wrong here but doesnt the eyesight thing depend on what you want to fly, ie fast jets perfect no glasses, rotary corrected eyesight or something like that.

    As chieftiff said check with the recruiting office rather than trust forums mate, they will have the latest facts and figures however be prepared to take some serious crap when you first join as a Young Officer. You wont be kicking the tyres and lighting the fires for a little while.
  6. Oh yeah, and you have to be cleverer than a man with two heads.....
  7. thanks everyone i will admit i have always wanted to fly and be in the services i finish my degree in less than 12 months and i thought of looking into it i will go along and ask.

    at the moment i have spent two years as a pte in the ta infantry (i must have done something really wrong in a past life.) just thought i would share that
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I don't know about past life mate, you did something wrong in this life..... Did you seriously think digging holes in wet mud and sleeping in them was ever going to be fun?.........

    Good luck, just look into all your options, even if your eyesight isn't up to it there are plenty of good officer careers.
  9. Nothing wrong with having an army skill set as a back up. Soldiers first and all that! If your interests lean that way then how about the Army Air Corps?

    Although I did loathe every trench I ever dug, the only thing worse was filling it in 24 hrs later!

    Oh and your eyesight doesn't need to be 20/20 for rotary. Slightly less is acceptable.

    Best of luck.
  10. I'm sure i've seen jet aircrew wearing glasses both rn & crabs
  11. Don't forget the requirement for enhanced social skills, looking good in shades, being able to hold a tan better than most, ability to live in hotels whenever the ship is within 1000 miles of land and swagger, lots or swagger! :lol:
  12. Yeah Raybans when they are trying to look like extras from topgun 8)
  13. Spent some time in joint service careers office a while back, from what I can remember your requirements did not matter, if you fitted the bill for whatever the allocation was at the time, then thats what you were offered, or at the very least persuaded into accepting. The army air corp or crabair would be easier........!
  14. I don't know about pilot entry, but when I was on the Divisional Officers course many, many moons ago, we had a lecture about the Wrens from a grumpy old First Officer WRNS. The thing I clearly remember was when she proudly stated:

    "There are three methods of Wren Officer entry!"

    The assembled (male) audience couldn't stop laughing for a fortnight!
  15. Yes, as training a pilot is a significant investment, if a pilot's eyesight degrades after training they may be allowed to remain operational and wear glasses.
  16. Yep - you're right Chockhead 819 - I know several Sea Harrier pilots who wore them when airborne and one in particular who it took me ages to realise that, when he disappeared below the cockpit sill after landing in Invincible, he was removing his spectacles in case Wings in Flyco saw him. As it happened, he was perfectly legal!

  17. Ah, those lovely Wrens of years gone by - the new RN girls can't hold a candle to 'em!

  18. in regards to eyesight, thats good, at the moment i am very slightly short sighted.

    I do have a long way to go yet before i even think about medical as im only 16 and doing AS at the moment. With that in mind however, whats the view on a degree being useful if not essential in becoming a pilot in the FAA (which i want to be, if not observer)? I was actually told by a careers adviser that a degree didnt improve my chances of getting approved for flying training.

    A response would me much appreciated.
  19. Be called Nigel and wear white gloves?
    Go for it mate if you can, and good luck.
    On my umpteen trips with BA back and forth to the island I can tell almost instantly when the crew up front are recently ex services.
    They have a way of chucking a 737 around the sky that pure civvy pilots would never do - great stuff as I get more for my money.
    Work in the services then go on to the big stuff 777/747/A380 etc with BA; you'll be well paid, have a good social life and I bet, will not regret a moment of it.
    ps BOAC captains, according to legend, wore white gloves for take off and landing, and Nigel is a general/derogatory term for pilots within BA. It is appreciated and as much part of the business as some of the banter on here.

  20. I own a pair of underpants more than twice your age and I can still do a mile and a half in 13.5 minutes, I must confess though I am a bit of a fitness nutter and have always been. Good luck in your endeavours and go go go for it.

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