What are the differances between paras and marines?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Brummielad, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. please no replies of. Well you jump put of a plane in one etc.

    Just woundering what made people choose the royal marines over the parachute regiment.
  2. I have often wondered why my parents named me as they did, and is there a speed of dark, hope this helps.
  3. im not joining the paras or anything i just woundered what are the differances between the both and what made people sway towards the marines over the paras.

    And no that doesnt really make sence i ll keep reading it over an over till it does though :thumright:
  4. In one you are foolish enough to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft. In the other you lock yourself in a steel shell for months on end..the aircraft at least has windows the ship probably does not, expect for the drivers and probably the laundrymen - any more clear?
    Takes a certain kind of person to want to do either!
  5. Para's are part of the Army and primarily train to parachute behind enemy lines.

    Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy and train in all areas of insertion, but primarily Amphibious attacks.

    Neil - SM

  6. about 1 IQ point?
  7. Why does it take a certain type of person to do either?
  8. Why do you like Red more than Blue?

    Or Orange juice more than Blackcurrant juice?

    Who knows what draws you to one or the other of those two forces.
  9. If you ask them face to face, they'd f*ckin' "wound(er)" you alright!
  10. Marines are all First aiders and qualified muscians. Paras arent
  11. If there is a 10ft wall in the way of an objective a Marine will go round it as for the Para's they go through it. Think that should answer your question.
  12. Why not as it is the truth! Sailors, which include Marines, are on the sea. Parachutists, and the name says it all, jump out of aircraft.
  13. Also Excellent Cable Party. :thanks: On the old strike carriers thumright: And the ships Rock and Roll Band :salut:
  14. Eddie is that you???

    It has been yonks since I heard that one about being glorified musicians.

    And that was from Eddie The Rat the original deck ape.

    In one you are foolish enough to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft.
    Tell of for equipment check! The doors open we taste the sweet smell of avgas as the speed of the aircraft decreases. Red on go! Looking back at the stick as they follow behind the herc dispatching sim2. Jump happy far better than a night on Newcastle Brown. Only joking!!
  15. Marines voluntarilty hand over their brains for safe keeping before joining, and get them back again afterwards, though not necessarily their own. ;)
    Paras don't bother because nobody would any the wiser! :twisted:

    Head down awaiting incoming.......
  16. the paras do have one advantage in there training though.............

    less history to learn........... :thumright:
  17. There were always more Royal Marines para qualified in 3 Cdo Brigade than Les Berets Cerise para qualified in Para Reg; which was:-

    a. Always good for a wind-up :bball:

    b. Meant that you stood more chance of jumping in The Corps than in the Army.

    c. On some of the rare occasions when aircraft were being shared for training jumps we could act very nonchalant as we zipped up our wet-suits and exited over water "Oh really so you don't jump into the sea in the Army?? How strange."


  18. Royal Marines dont bounce.
  19. OK, I'll bite

    Give me actual confirmed dates (periods from and to) when 3 Cdo had more para qualified blokes that Para Regt. Your honestly saying that the booties had somewhere in the order of 1,500 blokes with their wings up, thats 3 x 500 blokes for the three regular Battalions (allowing for fluctuations in unit strength i.e full strength Battalion was approx 650 men) and thats excluding the TA Battalion(s) as well.

    I'd put jump qualified booties at around 10% of 3 Cdo BDE at anyone time. But don't let facts get in the way of a good yarn ^~
  20. Banjo

    Biting off more than you can chew there mate!!

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