What are schools teaching in history lessons now?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stimps, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. I'm a CI in the ATC and we're taking a group of cadets down to the peak district to do some mountain walking over a weekend. the bit we're going to is on the Derwent reservoir, so we're going to take them to the museum while we're there.
    when we told them, nearly all of them didn't know who 617 squadron were or had ever heard of the Dambusters :!: :?
    This is an important bit of our history and should covered more thoroughly, or is it just not PC!! wouldn't want to offend anyone would we?
    Okay rant over. Calmed down now :D
  2. Had to deal with 45 Welsh sea cadets today and they had to do a quiz. One asked what the date of WW2 was, I said 1939 to 1945 and this kid replied, No I want the actual date. Couldn't get the little cherub to understand it took place over 6 years. He thought it was one big battle on one day 8O :x
  3. 617 SQD ,? Dambusters ? never heard of em :wink:
  4. Brill film though,Barnes Wallace,Nigger the dog,Guy the man,, :D :D
  5. Their crabs Chris, nuff said (and it's a Sunday afternoon film) :lol:
  6. I must have seen this film at least 10 fekin times, :D
  7. I despair sometimes. all the stuff on the news about Henry Allingham's passing and about keeping the memory alive, already most kids leaving school haven't got the faintest idea about it.
    even when i was at school none of it was about the UK. it was all US history ffs. what's the point, they should be concentrating on our history
  8. Can't teach history now, too much might offend some poor dear PC crap. When was the last time Rorkes Drift, El Alamein, Battle of the Nile et al are ever mentione in the classroom?
  9. I totally agree stimps,my nine year old has never been taught anything about the Norwegian part in WW11 at school,he has however been taught a whole bucket full by my good self,Norway,RN,RM,loads of history there, 8)
  10. totally unrealistic though. the things these writers come up with :twisted:
  11. I know stimps, :wink: ,ferkin Hollywood syndrome
  12. My history teacher threw out the "How to be PC" handbook and taught us all the stuff we should know along with the stuff the exam board wanted us to know. :lol:

    Great teacher, he was.
  13. Well done that history teacher, 8)
  14. Really was great. I remember him calling a lad a "stupid twat" for asking something ridiculous.
  15. Any kid that wants to join the fukking cadets needs a fukking cigarette stubbing out on their fukking eyeballs anyway. What's the fukking point of cultivating a drug and knife culture amongst Britains Yoof, where people are scared to walk the streets after dark and pensioners shat their incontinence underwear everytime a hoody crosses the road towards them, if the ungrateful little kunts are not going to take advantage of the shitty lifestyle we've provided for them. Any kid who joins the fukking cadets is just a dysfunctional ballbag who can't handle the reality of burglary, underage sex (and the associated STI's and unwanted pregnancies), drugs, alcohol, knife crime, teenage suicide, no employment opportunities or aspirations, social benefits etc. and as such deserve the good hard anal intruding that they undoubtedly receive at the hands of the cadet instructors/scoutmasters (don't get me started on those kunts!) when they're on exped. Kid kunts...!

  16. Did he finger you during detention?
  17. He was the only teacher that didn't give detention. Why? He decided if we didn't want to learn in class he didn't want to teach us on his break.
  18. I take it you were a cadet and had a personal rectal examination by a leader RJ, after playing with his beef bayonet :D
  19. Well i reckon you`ve just about covered everything there RJ,but please take the time to enlighten us as to what you would do with cadet instructors/scoutmasters :D
  20. So did he finger you after school?

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