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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by becnavystew, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Hello to all,

    Another Newbie to add to the collection! I'm 17 years young, female, from Northumberland and currently in the process of joining as an AET. Nice to meet you all :)

    Of course I have a problem for you all to help with...After having my medical earlier this week the doctor would not pass me as I declared I suffered from mild to moderate eczema. I've been to see my own GP for his report on my condition. Obviously it is out of my hands at the moment, although I can't help worrying that this will stop me from getting in. If anyone has any information for cases like this or any personal experience I would be grateful if you would share it please.

  2. Yeah....get yourself to a chinese doctor.....Dr China or the like a.s.a.p. They can help you.GP's are f***ing useless, only offer creams and steroids which do not attack the cause.

    Also, stay off dairy products, they are renowned for causing eczema if you are vulnerable to this.It may mean you're stuck on hot water instead of tea for the duration of your boot camp session, but hey, take herbal teabags.
    Eat a handful of almonds each day and up you spinach intake to compensate for the loss of calcium from dairy.
  3. ...They ban you from the military because of eczema anyway ? With the forces in such short supply ???
  4. I would be extremly cautious of going to a "Chinese Practitioner".The stuff they use is all unregulated,the origins usually unknown and untested.There re reports of Traditional Chinese remedies causing untold problems.Eczema isnt an automatic bar to joining up as far as i know.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    The only way to be sure is to speak to the Medical Officer at your local AFCO.

  6. Haha I agree
    The doctor that did my medical was chinese
    I thought there was more to a medical then being poked in the stomach =/
  7. My medical was with a Chinese doctor also. Where is your AFCO Topaz? Lincoln by any chance? I thought you would have one nearer to Scunthorpe perhaps?

  8. Haha yeah it was in lincoln
    Dr LI ;)

    The only other ones near Scunthorpe are in Hull and Grimsby
    Thing about going to Lincoln afco is I get to go shopping afterwards! HAHA :D
  9. Yes perhaps I'll stay clear of chinese doctors and medicine then! I stopped using the GP's cream a while ago and starting using 'Dream Cream' from Lush instead. Works much more better then any steroids rubbish they prescribe you. Hopefully the doctor will pass me when he has my GP's report and it won't take too long. I think its only serious cases that they don't let you in. Thanks for the help.

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