What anti-torpedo measures to ships carry?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jc103, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Hey all - can find plenty of information on destroying incoming missiles, taking out submarines, surface and air.... but nothing defensive against torpedoes.

    What countermeasures are there in existence on RN ships if a submarine managed to creep in and get a torpedo off?
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There is no defence, apart from not being a skimmer.
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  3. Not for discussion on sites like this, you will be told eventually if you have a need to know.
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  5. A bar of soap is quite an effective defence against submariners
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  6. Ignorance works we were torpedoed bythe ARA San Luis In 82 and never knew about it until 5 years later

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  7. This is all you'll need
  8. Head for the nearest port and stay there 'till the nasty thing has gone away
  9. Not allowed to give too much away but have you ever heard of counter measures? Well they do exist as well as a crazy ivan.
  10. Did 182 ever work?
  11. Neither did the 181
  12. They stopped teaching valve theory when?

    I remember trying to fix the 182 and not having a ******* clue!
  13. Being a WAFU helps.

    First sign of trouble and we just jump into our up diddly up flying machines and head for the nearest four star hotel!!!!

    Would have been five star but you can guarantee the crabs have them all pre booked!!!
  14. We were taught valve theory during WEM(r)s course 1988 - so it'll be after that. Had 182 as part of our section on the Cumberland. The decoys were fcuking heavy. Was most surprised when the Old Man wanted us to do a test and the damn thing worked.
  15. WW2 stuff Unifoxer
  16. Rumour/Urban myth has it that one was hit during the Falklands, but by what no one seems to know.
  17. Well ok fair enough wasn't after details, but there are systems in place then - just need to know basis I gather?

    Thanks for the answers, made for some interesting things to look up.
  18. If, while you are bobbing along you see 4 torpedoes heading your way, they are probably MK8s so try to get out of the way, if there is only one, thats a different kettle of err..anyway you could try telling everyone to be very quiet and throwing something that makes lots of noise as far from your target, sorry ship as possible
  19. The current UK system is a suite of kit called Sonar 2170, combining a towed array and jammer system (to detect torpedoes, and interfere with their homing system) with expendable acoustic decoys (to send the torpedo over *there* rather than towards you).

    Sonar 2170/Sea Sentor (United Kingdom) - Jane's Underwater Warfare Systems

    SSTD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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