What am i to expect as an engineer apprentice.

Discussion in 'RFA' started by Netflixlover, Jul 16, 2016.

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  1. hi!
    I'm due to start my engineering apprenticeship either in September or March I have a rough idea of what my job will be.
    any engineers able to help me out!
    what can I expect from the training, what will happen after the first 18 weeks of training? how does the new pay work.

    I know it there's a few questions that I should already know about but I never get a straight answer anywhere:(

  2. All apprentice ratings are on same yearly rate so £14,650 a year then increasing to roughly 15 and half in second year of the apprenticeship contract. You will be paid each calendar month as soon as you start training. I can't give you details about engineering training because I am going in as a Steward but the first four weeks is the same for every rating. Week one to four is introduction,admin and functional skills. At end of your trade training you be sent to do basic sea survival course, firefighting and first aid. During some point in your training you be told what ship your going to and when.

    With Level 1 functional skills, you meant not have to do it depending on your GCSEs but you can do Level 2 which will help you if wanted to become a officer later on in your career (see if you stay after two year contract)

    I am surprised you been given a place and didn't ask or were told about the new pay rate during your interview.

    Another thing if you want any chance of getting in Sept you got to get arse in gear because I was reserved for May but I was told everything must be done at least four weeks before your start date .
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  3. Bilge diving, wetting the tea, laying shedloads of ME7 floor polish,a bit of Dining hall party, and quite a lot of watch keeping, filling in a task book for your next promotion and learning the the ropes to make you a useful member of the ships company.
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  4. Yeah cheers!
    When I was at my interview the new pay scales hadn't been released yet so no one really knew what the changes would be, despite being a reserve for September all my stuffs in, it's now just a waiting game
  5. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The new pay scales came in last year. Surprised how little you know about your new career, these are questions usually asked prior to and during interview.

    @slimboyfat can you help at all?
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  6. With the new apprentiships just starting at my interview it was unclear if they we're going to change, told we would be given clear understanding nearer joining date.
  7. When were you interviewed? I did my last November and I was told clearly about new apprenticeship contract & pay for unqualified rating. I assume you were interviewed by a PO/CPO of your department, he gave me a short rundown of the day to day duties of my job.
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  8. Interview was in April, it was a CPO yeah.
    The head of recruitment just kept reminding me its only a two year apprentiships but not much else about it, I know the type of quipment I'll be dealing with ect, but wanted to check see if any the guys on here were in their second year of the apprentiships to let me know what to expect.
    On my interview the women from recruitment office was telling me she doesn't what was involved in the apprenticeship/ pay ect

    All I was told was it'll be 18 weeks training to start off with.
  9. The women in the interview I agree was vague as possible when come to the job's T&S and did the same to me reminding me through out the interview that it was for a apprenticeship contract not a permanent job.

    Another important note about functional skills, I believe they don't accept Scottish nationals or whatever you uplanders call a "education" :p
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  10. It did dampen the mood throughout the interview,

    Now now, just because you southeners can't comprehend a good education doesn't mean I should suffer;):p
  11. Only reason you could get a good education in Scotland because you lot subsidised by rest of the U.K. :)
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  12. Let's not go too deep into politics it's still a touchy subject up here
  13. Sorry I like to point that out to Scots because mostly people our age have brought into SNP's propaganda machine.
  14. Would love a political debate but that's not what I am here to do today! Maybe sometime down in Portsmouth though
  15. You're right
  16. I've just finished the engineering course ( as of today). If your on the September course it's 18 weeks roughly and it's straight forward basic engineering principles, when you get on a ship you have a task book and have to fill in 2 sections as a minimum ( nvq & watch keeping) you will be kept very busy your first 2 qualifying trips. As for pay you start at basic £1k a month roughly but when you qualify it doubles. If you are on the March course it's now the new course and is 32 weeks long so be prepared.
    Best of luck
  17. I believe with civil service pension, NI and income tax it goes down to £900-£950 a month depending how much you pay into NI & civil service pension since £14,65o is just over taxable income means we pay very little of it.

    Why are they jumping training from 18 to 32 weeks?
  18. My pay has always been around the 1k a month mark.
    It's easier at sultan to book the full course rather than modules as we had modules moved and had a few weeks off due to that and they want to cut it out
  19. You're right income after all taxes is £13,129 , I can't remember from top of my head what is the civil service pension contribution percentage ?

    *Looked at the contract pay goes up to 15,138 in second year so real income is £13,461.
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  20. you forgot chipping and painting/mop and bucket.
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