What am i really going to earn


Looking to join the RN as a Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering Submariner) ive got a young family to support so just trying to find out what the real pay is going to be. Anyfeed back much appreciated

Cheers :?:

I think that Scouse is quoting what he would be earning if he were still serving at the level he was at when he left (he was aircrew).

Your level will be different - see my link.
Theplumber, you'll be on £13,377 pa for your first 6 months, you'll then get bumped to £16,681. After that your pay will go up in increments annually or with promotion.

That's shore side of course, while at sea you'll be eligible for sea pay which should be a couple of hundred quid a month, though I'm not sure what the lowest rate is at the moment.

I wouldn't want to raise a family on that, I can only just feed myself!
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
scouse said:
£32,531 Plus £15. 95 a day flying pay Luvely Jubley :lol: :lol: can i sign on again??? 8) 8)
I wouldn't get out of bed for that, pauper.
Kinell you must have a good arse if you can make more than £32K a year out of it. :p

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