What aircraft can Observers be streamed to?


Hi, I have my AIB coming up and as I delve deeper in my research I am slightly confused as to which helicopters have a role for Observers?

Merlin Mk2 - 820 RNAS
Merlin Mk4 (CHF) - 846 RNAS, 845 RNAS
Wildcat (Maritime Attack) - 825 RNAS
Wilcat AH1 (CHF) - 847 RNAS

My primary interest is the Commando Helicopter Force, however I want to make sure you can actually be an Observer on these helicopters before I start talking about it!

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Here's another reasonably quick reply - for reasons of Personal Security (aka PERSEC) you might seriously consider changing your moniker if, as seems likely, it is linked to your actual name. I wish you success at AIB.



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Don't know if CFH have Obs.

Squadron which do have Observers are ASW units and as @redmonkey says 'bags' or 'baggers' these are the long range radar guys, (Airborne Early Warning), who keep a look at what's going on over the horizon. I have no knowledge of these operations.

As a Obs on ASW units you 'could' also end up as Captain of the aircraft. (It's myth the Capt of an aircraft will be a pilot). You will also be responsible for tactics as well as safety, fuel management and a plethora of other duties. operating radar, radios and planning of ASW Ops etc.

There are a couple of more qualified folk on here @Magic_Mushroom who may be more qualified to advice further and be more role specific.

Good luck
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