What absolute nonsense, employed by god!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. A vicar from Worcester Mark Sharpe is taking his diocese to an employment tribunal over claims he was forced out of his "toxic parish".

    lawyers for the Diocese of Worcester pointed to ecclesiastical laws which state that clergy are not employees but office holders ‘employed by God.’

    Mr Sharpe, a former naval chaplain, won an employment tribunal against the Ministry of Defence for a sexual harassment case in 2006.

    He was given an undisclosed pay out for claims he was subjected to pornography on board HMS Albion in 2004 and left his post after two weeks.

    BBC Full Story Here: BBC News - Vicar sues church over bullying claims

    IMO he should be entitled to the same rights as any other employee, it will be interesting to see how this pans out.
  2. Choose your branch, take your chance!
  3. Sounds like a serial whinger!
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  4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Ermmm Finks,

    Is the outrage Bus Co. now so hard up for business that you had to trawl back TWO Years?

    Link: <<Page last updated at 02:13 GMT, Wednesday, 16 December 2009>>

    Covered by RR/ARRSE somewhere in the deep sands of time....Best get that hair shirt of yours redeemed from the scranbag, eh. :wink:
  5. Aye but it's back in the news today, I used the old link as it mentions his dog-watch serving with the Andrew.
  6. Employed by God !......did big G not inform him at interview that he was taking on a 'dodgy' parish ?. Weeks into the job he is not toeing the line so God sends a plague of frogs and mice to infest the vicarage, he should have had Max Clifford as his wingman from the outset after his brush with those nasty men on his naval ship.
  7. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I would suggest that, in order not to appear behind the times, a more up to date link would be best.... having known the twat I would be more interested in the latest developments

  8. So it is - Top story in the B'ham Mail today: Former Midland vicar forced out of parish claimed he got poisoned chalice - Top Stories - News - Birmingham Mail

    Mind you that very same rag has another Top Story with some much more interesting pictures:slow::wink:


    Pictures: Page Three princess Linda Lusardi meets the giraffes at Dudley Zoo - Top Stories - News - Birmingham Mail
  9. Employed by god ehee in that case we all must be we are supposed to be his servants are we not ??
  10. Twat! That's a bit strong what happened between you and him then SF, pray tell?

    The case is being held over for a decision until next year, does it usually take that long to make contact with your employer?
  11. STOP PRESS........

    Sentamu, never one to miss the opportunity of appearing in the media has gone against the C of E and is backing this bloke to the hilt.
  12. Ah yes your man in Eboracum, incidentally I was in Ebor house at school. Anyway back on track all this tripe confirms to me that my credo is correct, the only way forward is devout atheism.
  13. Contradiction in terms?
  14. It took less time than I expected.
  15. I cannot stand god bothering sky pilots! They obviously cannot get a proper job so do a degree in make believe and hey presto we have to listen to them! Whatever happened in his parish is "gods will" by his reckoning so he needs to stop dripping, wind his neck in and carry on knitting! Endex.
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  16. So, this guy says his employer is imaginary and difficult to talk to, to get carte blanche on being a tosser? That's how it seems to me.
  17. We had one onboard when we visited Dhahran, strutting around the upper scupper wearing a wooden cross the size of a 200 year oak tree in an attempt to make some futile statement, the prick.
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I was employed by God.... well...not strictly true he just had God on the pay roll. We didn't bother calling God by any holy name, we simply called him Sarn't Major.
  19. They get paid a Lt Cmdrs wage to preach shit that no matelots believe, they are only employed because:-
    1. There are wardroom members who feel they have to go to church because their HOD is going to church.
    2. The HODs who feel they have to go to church because the skipper goes to church.
    3. Skipper goes to church because his wardroom for some bizarre reason are deeply religious.
    4. The CW candidate because there are so many butts to snorkel.
    5. Part 1 trainees to catch up on the footie scores.

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