What about the bars in Gib in the........................

Discussion in 'History' started by Polycell, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. 60s Universal bar with girlies doing the Flamango on a little stage Winter gardens was it? Remember any more?
  2. Re: What about the bars in Gib in the.......................

    Aaaah the Universal... :grin:
    The very first bar on my very first foreign draft (to join the Mighty Albion on her return home) with my Sea Dad, a grizzled 3 badge killick dusty.

    Walking in through the door, in civvies and not blues, to be greeted with a bootie, in uniform, running across the stage onto a group in the corner, and a fight starting.

    My first intro to Annisette - luvly stuff, but making the mistake of drinking it neat.. :shock:

    Other bars, that I recall, were:
    the Coach & Horses (crab bar)
    the Tartan Bar, along the road from Government House (wasn't Sugar who used to dance to the Archies song here too?)
    the NAAFI club (Crown & Anchor?)
    General something, up the hill by the MQs
    Hole in the Wall

    Must a few I missed..... remembering that is, not physically... :wink:

  3. As a young AB in the early 60s flamenco dancing in the Trocadero. The London bar and for a bit more education the UV and Sugars. In the 70s Penelope's. As a civvy in the mid 80s, Fox & Dogs, Clipper, Gib Arms, Angry Friar, Chaplin's, Buccaneers, Hole in the Wall, just to mention a few!!

    Keep Striving.
  4. The Suizo or Squeezo--rival to the Troc
  5. the pulvoreen?
  6. The Angry Friar (aka the Mad Monk) opposite the Governor's Residence - the place wgere you could watch the squaddies changing the guard & shout abuse at them. :grin:

    The Horseshoe (aka the Donkeys Flip Flop) an upstairs bar on the main street.

    The Hole in the Wall (Charlies) run by two gay blokes. One was deaf. They had a small dog which often bore the brunt of visiting matelots frustrations/humour. :shock:
  7. Re: What about the bars in Gib in the.......................

    Remember being at the "Mad Monk" the day that 2LI took over the guard from the Gib Regiment! Poor sods didn't know what hit them. After they sauntered about with their little drum and penny whistle band .. there was this sound of demented bugles and Jack fell about laughing as the new guard ponced down main street at the double march! Other famous moments at the "Monk" was when the resident Regiment had gone walkabout .. or whatever those Army types did .. they put some posh Guards regiment in for a couple of weeks and it was one of those nice warm Gib spring days .. just time for a pint or two in shorts and flip flops while watching the guard ponce about in full red tunics and bearskins! They never did learn!
  8. I am surprised at so many able to remember where they were drinking in Gib
  9. Irish town fisheries
    Was a fish & chip shop, cafe & bar. Used to serve drinks extermely late. Got pissed with a certain Tommy Cooper when Ark was visiting in 76, Just like That!
  10. Lotties!!

    Keep Striving.
  11. Eros Tivoli SpitRoast El Pulvereen, Spinning Wheel SmokeyJoes and Oliver Twist, Horseshoe Devils Tower, Chimney Corner after hours Four in the morning we will all be pi*&^ed

    Used to Help Johnny and Marru run Julie's Cafe Hospital Hill E block 1972-74 whilst a sparker Comcen Gib
    and the Gib Folk Club with Tony Stanford and Soapy Suddes LRO(T)

    Jack McHammocklashing
  12. Re: What about the bars in Gib in the.......................

    Ok not forgetting : Paddington's, Donkey's Flip Flop,Trafalgar,Captain's Cabin, Ark Royal, Royal Calpe,Buccaneers,Clipper,Edinburgh Arms, to name but a few...
  13. The Spit Roast, where you went for your big eats.

    "I want that chicken, the one in the middle", while having immense fun watching the guy taking the rest of the chickens off the spit to get to the one you asked for.

    I always remember the Angry Friar, being sober, and I know I was in the Hole in the Wall, 'cos I had a T shirt.

    The rest is just an alcoholic haze.
  14. Re: What about the bars in Gib in the.......................

    Charlies bar -
    The outrageously gay owner took pride of place amongst the invited guests when Bacchante/Achilles commisioned; much to the obvious displeasure of some of the officers.
    Aside from that the best place in Gib was the airport on your way home, and the best view from the arse end of a ship doing the same thing.
    Not my favourite place by a long chalk and it's even grimmer now, unless you have a thing about sixties tower blocks and dodgy meat pies.
    All the best
  15. Well I was there at the weekend, and was appreciating most of the places mentioned. Surprisingly most seem to have survived the demise of the dockyard.

    My apologies to all Gibraltar residents I managed to offend in the process.
  16. Tatties, Donkey's flip flop, the Mad Monk, spent many a good week day running out of Gib... couldn't beat it; even the starboard flipper was on the Waz..!
  17. Re: What about the bars in Gib in the.......................

    God this brings back some memories. Gib is still to this day the best run ashore you can have.

    Used to start off in the donkeys flip flop, down the side streets til we came to good old bucaneers (where theyd have the same music cd stuck on repeat, but after god knows how many drinks, you simply dont care!!!!!)

    Then the next morning.......the rock race...........
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Haven't been there for over 4 years now, but many a hazy, Tom Collins induced, fond memory:

    Hole in the Wall- Charlie was always pissed-off when you went in & said "Blimey, I thought you'd died of AIDs mate". Especially when you said it several times the same day on different visits.

    Death on the Rock (SAS stuff)- Remember the whole place being locked down (didn't know why) & giving the MOD Plod hard times at the Dockyard Entance 'cos he wouldn't let me back to the ship & my kebab was getting cold!

    Snow White & 7 Dwarves run ashore- Rolled up to 'Donkeys Flip-flop' my turn to be Snow White, ordered my pint & Seven halves lined-up on the bar. Called "Heigh-Ho" at the top of my voice, all conversation stopped, eyes toward the door. Nothing happened! Tried again, same again. Downed 4.5 pints rather swiftly & exited only to find "my dwarves" chuckling to themselves in The Rock. The swines.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Having fallen for it again: "Just a bit of the back & sides mate" (Foolishly uttered to the Mad Morroccan Barber onboard). One crew-cut later, off ashore for consolitary beer & a "postcard".

    Several hours later: Need a pee. A one handed vault over a three foot wall, a six foot drop onto the roof of an occupied cop car. Stunned expression, willy still in hand.

    Ah, them were the days...
  20. Re: What about the bars in Gib in the.......................

    If you made a run ashore in the early eighties and visited any of the Horseshoe, Bucaneers, Captains Cabin or the London Bar its likely you met my mother who worked in all four. She was short, blonde/brunette (it changed sometimes) and scottish!

    If you made a run ashore in the past year and ventured in the Horseshoe, Allswell, Gib Arms or Market Tavern, you're likely to have met me! Medium height, red hair, not scottish sounding but certainly scottish!

    I suppose it runs in the family!

    The Horseshoe is still run by Abdul for those who are interested! Bucaneers is now closed down, Captains Cabin isn't worth a second glance, Gib Arms is now a continental Cafe, Edinburgh Arms is the same as it always was, Charlies Hole In the Wall hasn't changed, Wembley Bar too, Angry Friar no longer run by Russel but still the same, Penelopes is now a Gibraltarian Hive called the Underground (eurgh), Royal Calpe hasn't changed, Trafalga is now an All Sports Bar, and the Clipper a resteraunt.

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