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It has been suggested that the site would benefit from a site wiki, along the lines of wikipedia or wikibooks. Most people know that I'm a big fan of the wiki concept which, as far as I'm concerned, is one of the best uses of the internet I've seen (Edit (GCO) Other than porn of course).

ARRSE currently has the ARRSEpedia which now has a few thousand pages. Some are funny, others serious but all have room for expansion. I'd encourage you all to get stuck into that. The Royal Navy page is definitely in need of some work as a starter! Check out the other pages in the Royal Navy Category for other places to look.

If you have no idea what a wiki is or what I'm talking about then try:

1. What is a wiki?
2. How do I get started

Any questions then stick them on here.....

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We could create a separate wiki (RUM-apedia?) for RR but I suspect that we don't really have the traffic yet to get it off the ground. Please let me know if you think differently although can I recommend familiarising yourself with the ARRSEpedia first so you know what it is all about.
AAC: earlier today said:
I have found the AARSEpedia very useful and thought something similar, like a Matelots Handbook (something more catchy than RRpedia, etc) might enable a bridge to be built between those who understand one naval terminology and those who understand another. A particular problem frequently complained of has been what the new branch designations mean. Our own pedia could help here. I will explore the AARSEpedia in more depth to see precisely how it works. Setting it up would be a major task - scope for a volunteer team effort - but maintaining it should not be too onerous I should have thought?

Have now looked on the site. I have no idea how we would physically set the software up but I'm sure someone on AARSEpedia could advise us here, but I think it would be a feasible and enjoyable project, especially for the s-called old farts! I see there is also a need to place an entry in our own version, to address the opening paragraph in AARSEpedia, describing the Royal Navy of today in terms few would recognise, though some probably would :lol:

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Putting the software in place would be easy and we would do that.

The wiki concept though relies on individuals creating and editing pages. Even on ARRSE (with nearly 20k members) its been something of a battle to build up sufficient interest to deliver what we've got now.

Can I suggest that you start changing/adding the pages you want to on the ARRSEpedia? The Royal Navy one probably needs a complete rewrite IMHO. Before you get started though can I recommend that you look at the following pages:
* Help Page
* Tutorial
Will do. There has been a suggestion elsewhere that we might have a joint pedia: one accessible from both sites and editable from both sites: would that too be a feasible option (and perhaps a more sensible one, eliminating duplication)? Just a thought.

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