Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Backpacker1uk, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Poor Jane the sister in law lost her brave fight against liver cancer. Leaving behind a ten year old son and devoted husband. Pathetic NHS and doctor never helped so much for genetic banks she was discovered with the cancer gene long ago, Doc put her pains down to irritable bowel syndrome yet the cancer gene evidence was staring him in the face. When she became anaemic he said go away and eat more red meat. Even stating she was a Hypochondriac at one visit.

    Jane was a top athlete with a pulse rate in her forties. A waste of a young life when you see the scum walking the planet.

    Same day I had my twenty five year old cat put to sleep Jimmy was a character as only those who have had a pet that long would understand.

    Next day the Doctor at the hospital looking at my heart scans reckons I have had a heart attack. No chest pains I tell him, he said it is what they call a silent heart attack. Anybody else had one of them.

    So walking thirty four miles in nine hours at 58yrs of age is not good for the health then!! And sensible eating drinking and exercise is no good.

    They say everything comes in threes so things can only get better?????

    I hope!!!!
  2. Christ - that's a pretty bad week and no mistake. My sympathies to you and your family about your sister-in law (and of course your cat) and fingers crossed things start getting better. Keep your chin up Backpacker
  3. Sorry to hear of your losses, RIP and Condolences.
  4. You have my sympathies.
  5. You have my heartfelt sympathy , hope things do indeed get better for you & your family , i am sure they will .
  6. Deepest sympathy to you are your family.

    In regards to a silent heart attack or Silent MI ( Myocardial Infarction) I get into heated discussions with our Cardiac unit when trying to book patients in with one of these as they only accept chest pains.

    If they havent got chest pains they arent having a heart attack,yeah right.
    I just put it down to ignorance and speak to the doc instead.Usually gets them seen asap.
  7. Heartfelt condolences, mate. The universe is an odd and unhelpful place at times.
  8. I don't normally join in with these commiseration threads, but...........bummer!
  9. Thing is about this I never knew I had a heart attack.

    For years I have had palpitation attacks the Doc told me push your eyeballs into your head the brain will feel this and the palps will stop!! Never worked!!

    Another doc stated adopt the constipation stance! That never worked!!

    I was admitted one time to AxE and dumped in the corridor for two hours it was Friday night piss head night. Time they came to me the heart and gone back ok. So they sent me home!!

    Another time severe pains in my head! With having a brain haemorrhage in the past I got up there smartish.

    Young doc said your blood pressure is high but I do not think you are having a brain haemorrhage if you get the signs you are having a brain haemorrhage please come back to the hospital fast. You can go home now!!

    Nothing sent to the surgery about being in hospital nothing!!

    Last week I was on the allotment on Dublin Mountain having a hard work out with the rotovator dragging it back on itself to dig deeper. I felt fine

    Now back in the UK and not feeling fine!! Twelve years ago the Doc? at the hospital told me I had heart disease I demanded the dye test. Two years later I had the dye test. Told no heart disease arteries fine!!

    Hoping they are wrong again???
  10. http://www.merck.com/mmhe/sec03/ch033/ch033c.html

    Try this link - The Merck Manual is the one book I NEVER went to sea without - much more useful than all the crap they used to put in the Medical Library!

    "About one third of people who have a heart attack do not have chest pain. Such people are more likely to be women, people who are not white, those who are older than 75, those who have heart failure or diabetes, or those who have had a stroke."

    Perhaps doesn't describe all your symptoms but the bleed may be significant!

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