Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Bugged rubbish bins 'will charge'

    More than 30 councils are fitting microchips to wheelie bins ahead of possible "pay as you throw" schemes.
    It is the latest attempt to encourage more recycling to curb the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill.

    Household rubbish would be weighed to within 500 grams on collection trucks and the chips used to identify which property the bin belongs to.

    Councils are expecting to get the go-ahead from the government to start using the chips to charge residents.

    Whole article available at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/5404730.stm

    Incredible. So what's to stop us simply putting our rubbish in the neighbour's bin then?

  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I wonder how much this scheme will cost? It seems to me that every problem these days is "solved" by the application of unnecessary technology.

    Here in Petawawa we are encouraged to recycle and houses are supplied with a green bin, a blue bin, and a yellow bin for recyclable waste - the householder supplies their own normal waste bin.

    The green bin takes all food (including egg shells, food contaminated paper etc) and garden waste
    The blue bin takes card and paper
    The yellow takes plastics, glass and metals.

    In all honesty, once that lot's sorted out there's very little left for the normal "dustbin". Back in the UK, ther were strict limits on how much could be put in a bin. Here, there's no limit as longs what is left out is recognisable and packaged such that it can be easily transferred to the collecting lorry - just as well having recently put out nearly 150 cardboard boxes collected during my move!

    There's no micro-chips, there's no admin charge with billing, just a simple non-nonsense pragmatic approach to waste collection and recycling - pity that's never work with the petty-minded bureacrats in today's UK :(
  3. [So what's to stop us simply putting our rubbish in the neighbour's bin then?]

    That happens to me now. some dork uses mine.
  4. See - my point entirely!! The result might be a whole new level of Neighbour Wars.

  5. Went to a council tip once with an old bog in the back of my van. Bloke asked me for my permit. 'Cos I was in a van and working as a plumber that meant the waste was commercial and I needed to pay for a permit from the council.

    And they wonder why people fly tip.
  6. The problem is the wheelie bin.

    Designed at one time in case of emergencies [council strikes breakdowns etc] to last at least a fortnight.

    Now we must ensure the thing is jam packed when the "REFUSE DISPOSAL OPERATOR" arrives. Please keep a PC mind.

    Such happy days when we had the old tin bin and the endless fires in that bin.

    In those days the RDO or the "BINMAN" was a superhuman being who would pick this tin bin and carry it down the alleyway and empty it into the back of the horsedrawn bin cart

    When the peelings and other items went on the back of the fire or the pigman called.

    "Those where the days my friend we thought they would never end" Whatever happened to Mary Hopkins???

    Now Ireland has the right idea on rubbish disposal no council rates what goes in the bin you pay for therefore you recycle whatever you can.

    Taking your rubbish to the skips at the council sites you pay now that is naughty. The country lane going over the featherbeds is littered with crap from those types who care feck all for the beauty of the land. NIMBY yet again.

    In the UK we can all play our part wash the cans recycle etc. Problem is what is the financial gain only when extra pennies pop into your pocket will Joe Josephine Public recycle. Taxed and rated to the hilt and if you no pay we take away we take away your furniture or send you to prison.

    So where is the encouragement to recycle.

    Excuse me while I just go fill up the six litre 4x4 and nip to McDonalds for all the trimmings, so I can throw all the wrappers out the window while driving one handed while talking crap on my mobile and not giving a toss for other road users because might has the right.
  7. Well we don't have wheelie bins but as a business we have to pay extra to have our rubbish collected. Trouble is we have to keep business rubbish and domestic rubbish seperate, and as we live over our business that's really easy! Not to mention the business next door who puts his rubbish in our domestic bin - which is actually quite gross coz he's a butcher! :roll:
  8. ...so there are things worse than teenage sons Sandy! I told you not to worry. :lol:
  9. I just leave mine on the street, doing my bit to feed the poor.......
  10. You're sick and twisted Lingyai!. :lol:

  11. If your councils are anything like mine is in London, they are not interested in cutting the amount of rubbish waste, just generating loot for their coffers.
    But as I live in a block, I don't have a wheelie bin - but who knows what this lib/lab lot will do ? (and I have my trusty magnet ready just in case.....)

  12. Guilty as charged M'Lud :oops:
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Wheely bins are fine for those that have room for them. What happens with Terraced housed with no rear access (steady the SBA's). Or no storage space, locally letters have been sent out telling people not to leave them out on the pavements, where are they supposed to put them
  14. What about the fact that we actually pay, in our Council Tax, for the removal of rubbish??

    We now have jobsworths leaving notes behind saying that the bin has not been emptied because the lid wasn't closed properly and too much rubbish was inside it!!
  15. Where I used to live council supplies folding bins for this situation. You store your rubbish however you did before and them put it out on the pavement on the appointed day in the bin which can be lifted by the magic gash gobbler. In areas with flats they provide giant wheely bins for the whole bloc (and steal a parking space for it)k.
  16. This will just encourage more Fly tipping.On my daily excusions i see fly tipping all over the countryside,esp down little unclassified roads and lanes!
  17. There is clearly a delicate balance between applying rules and getting people to act responsibly. Where I used to live and where I live now the councils are reasonable about dealing with domestic waste, and I suspect that most fly tipping round here is down to mainly small commercial operations often operating in the black economy. Councils not unreasonably expect commercial producers of waste whohave made a profit out of generating that waste to pay landfill tax, these operators are not prepared to pay it so they fly tip.

  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Of course the Councils have entirely missed the point here, if they let these small contractors use the tips it would be cheaper than clearing up the fly tipping locations.
    The have taken it to the extreme in this area, if you own a van or pickup style vehicle, you are not allowed onto the tip sites its just assumed that you are some sort of contractor
  19. I did say it is a delicate balance and councils are not always known for their ability in that capacity. Equally many legitimate firms who pay their taxes and for their waste rightly suggest that thes black economy operators should not be helped by the local council to undercut then by such practices. Not an easy one to win, especially if you are an incompetant council.


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