What a load of Bollox

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. So I'm sitting minding my own business in the squalor of my hut, when it pops up on the telly, Prince Williams story.
    And he's telling us What his dear mummy went through made him what he is.
    I actually thought that it was Prince Charles going through his mother made him what and who he is.
    And anyway he's a fuckin crab so that says it all. And if it's all a bit traumatic for him, for fucks sake get him on Jeremy Kyle, he'll sort the poor bastard out.
  2. Are the meds wearing off?, he's the future King dontcha know and that's treasonable talk, even for a darkie!!
  3. Not my future King mate I'm fuckin off back to Oz in the future and we will be a republic.Any way I've been a rebel for years, lots of people have said I'm revolting.
  4. actually,ole chap,i think you have a deep seated racial prejudice,on account he has a better hut than you,and has no coonz next door. i did think you should take him on the show,but jeremy might convince you to take william on ,but i raised a point of order,i don't want a fella as King with the attitude of a lazy black twat, sorry nothing meant to offend,i only have your avatar to go on.
  5. Has he fuck, I got Pizza.
    Everything else is superfluous.
  6. Stay off the HAM & PINEAPPLE!!!, they feed that to a dog in the back,and only use wot he honks up!
  7. They will never get rid of the Royal family here as it gives em a Public holiday for Queenies birthday...chuck another koala on the barbie type thing.
  8. You are outed as Finknottle (Wearing a Ball and Chain, Windsor-Knot style).

    I therefore claim my Five Australian Dollars and my Concessionary Ticket for the Outback/Outrage Bus.
  9. I thought Finks normally wore a burning cross?
  10. Only under his Kilt, Wreckage.
  11. I think you're just defending him as a crab not a king.
    This is a perversion you must work through.
    You'll get no dollar for the disclosure either, although if pushed I might send you two and a zac.

    My real point is though, what his mother was made him what he is. What the fuck is that supposed to mean.
    I am far from anti Royal, but please,I have never subscribed to the legend of Diana, and do not think she qualifies for the saint hood some would thrust upon her.
    She was just someone who got lucky and did what she wanted to do and we paid. I am sick of hearing how passionate she was to wards this and that. I'm passionate about certain things that I would dearly love to be able to influence, but unfortunately do not have unlimited amounts of dosh at my disposal.
    They keep throwing the Shiite at Charlie over the Camilla Bowles episode, but she was not above making her dirty phone calls, but that seems to have gone under the carpet since she lost her head over the sheik of araby.
  12. Koala's, thats another thing to hate. Dirty vicious bastards that usually pish all over you as you cuddle them.
    As a kid I used to get "treats" by being taken to the Koala bear farm down by the Torrens in Adelaide.
    Piddled on by nasty koalas, and mugged for banana skins by roaming hoards of psychotic wallabies.
    Such fun, no wonder I was traumatized and ended up in the RN.
  13. Kate's worth one though - far more attractive than her mother in law (as she was, not now, that'd be a terrible thing to say.)
  14. I say guzz, is contemplating giving the future queen a squirt not a treasonable offense?
    Off with his head.
  15. The Outback Bus is revving up and patiently awaits your return:


    Things have got expensive since you left, so make sure you carry your bus card when travelling on the vehicle above:

  17. re:pontius's Outback Bus - Native art or Graffiti? Discuss.

  18. Neither, just using up leftover paint so Eco art.:laughing2:
    A concept made contemporary by British Airways.
  19. I never was into the Royal thing,Charles/Camilla/William etc and I won't get into that suffice to say I went to my bank and they told me they told me they were shut next Friday for the wedding.
    I said " What weddings that then?" they looked at me as if I was mental.
    I'll be bothering much at all with it but it's good for tourism and the Country as a whole.
  20. Now if they would make a video of the wedding night, I might be inclined to look. Just out of passing curiosity you understand.

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