What a Fecking Morning!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by seafarer1939, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Got a call from the Pension Service saying they were sending a person around this morning to check out my entitlement.
    Shit! I thought am I getting too much.
    In she came and stated I had never put in for my wife's pension and now I can have[wait for it!] another £60 a week and £19000 or another £100 a week with no lump sum!
    I took the £19000 and £60 so I'm off to the pub,well I was going anyway!
    The wife's in shock,the kids won't be told but it was a turn up for the book.
    Just had to tell someone, if only the health was better it would be perfect.
    I'll donate to H4H you can be sure.
    I love this Government ! it seems they carried out a survey of all entitlements to get it sorted.
    Don't remember Blair/Broon doing this!
  2. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Result seafarer!

    You enjoy spending the £19k and don't even think of leaving it for the kids - let them work for their pension!! :)

    Should be able to afford a decent 'pooter and wi-fi system now.
  3. I am really pleased for you and your family. Lets hope it continues to get even better and the health improves shipmate.
  4. Good for you mate.Enjoy it.
    You can keep the hardwood floor AND the wife now:-D
  5. Nice one. You can afford a top of the range router and even pay someone to come and set it up.

    Good job you didn't bin the Mrs.
  6. Thanks mates,I'm chuffed but I mention it in case someone else my age,if there are any!may have made the same mistake I did by not claiming.
    I thought the pension for a man and woman was standard but it seems because I paid so much tax in the 20 odd years of club work it bumped up her entitlement from my contributions.
    I don't understand any of this but it's welcome, now I'm off to stock up with Viagra and Pussers rum! Cheers
  7. No wonder you fucked me off to the orphanage, without even a decent pair of nappies.
    19,000 more reasons to hate you dad.:-D

    I hope someones pissed in your letterbox.:thumright:
  8. Could be a fine balancing act seafarer!
  9. Who the Feck! are you then? my minds gone with the shock.
  10. Blonde and with a loathing of setee's and beans.:-D

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