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Hello all, just had the worst news ever really. Had been given a start date in Feb and have been preparing myself for it. Then 4 weeks ago i noticed a lump forming in my neck, so i hurried down the doctors to get it looked at. After 4 weeks of scans and xrays they tell me its a brancial cyst and that i need surgery on it. So not sure where that puts me. Going advice the careers office tomorrow if its still open. Anyone any ideas of what the best thing to do is?? P.s Merry Christmas all..
Probably need angry doc to confirm this but a cyst is a self forming sac
that fills and becomes uncomfortable .
Remedy incision and drain it . Small surgical operation possible local anaesthetic .

I had one a long time ago--while in the RN---they sent me to the local hospital but if the resident sick bay staff wanted I'm sure they could have done the same.



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Yep, most AFCOs are closed until the first monday in January.

Basically you need to contact the Medical Examiner to notify them of your temporary change in medical status. Whether this will affect your provisional entry date depends on the condition & the expected recovery rate - the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can recover.

Best of luck with it, sorry it's not possible to give a definitive answer as it's one only a Medical Officer is permitted to advise.
A cyst is basically just a giant zit that is deeper than normal. A quick stab with a scalpel, a squeeze and some antibiotics and it'll be fixed.*

*Not a medical opinion...
Expedia - "Conservative (i.e. no treatment), or surgical excision. As complete surgical excision may be difficult (due to the close proximity of the internal jugular vein and carotid vessels that lie deep to the swelling), they can recur.[3]"
Not as simple an operation as just getting a knife to it. As long as all goes well and the surgeon doesn't slip, it will all be down to how quickly you get operated on and how long it takes to heal.
Cheers for support and advice guys. And no funny replys. Went afco and the navy rep wasnt in and wont be till 4th Jan which is 2 days before my pre entry brief. No point getting myself to down about it all as its Christmas. Once again cheers and have a good one.


Interesting. Also interesting that some of you want to stick a knife in it - it sits beside the great neck vessels for Christ's sake! Definitely needs a bit more than a hoke around in a dark corner of a Sickbay!

You've always had this cyst, if indeed it is branchial. It is part of your development, but I won't bore you with the embryology of it.

Needs excision by a head and neck surgeon (usually ENT, often maxillofacial, sometimes general). Once you are over the op there will be no impact on your medical suitability, but I suspect you will have to move your joining date right a bit. Depends on when the op is - this will be seen as nonurgent by the NHS so you may have to wait a while.

Good luck!
angrydoc said:
......but I suspect you will have to move your joining date right a bit. Depends on when the op is - this will be seen as nonurgent by the NHS so you may have to wait a while.

Good luck!
I too have every sympathy, but it might be worth asking 'how much to go Private?'.

Then, if you/yours can afford it, that route may save precious time for your RN entry.

Keep us updated, please. Meantime, just try to enjoy Christmas.

I've thought about that but theres no way i can afford it. Hospital rang today and its looking like the end of Jan before they can operate. I'm just going to have to wait and hope all is sorted asap..


That's not a bad waiting time for an NHS routine op.

Let the AFCO know when they get back from leave - if all goes to plan then you should only have to wait a month or so post-op before you physically enter the gates of RALEIGH.
Get it sorted rapid and good luck....

Not wanting to press the panic button and all but OiC home front had similar (1989), when they went to remove it they found a tumor the size of a golf ball, cut it out and on testing found it was very active.... she ended up in BMH Woolwich for 6 months! Not a pleasent time but it all turned out ok in the end. The medics, docs etc were all stars.
Not any sort of medical expert, but it is not going to be seen to before your entry date. Ninja will tell you better but just a thought join up and the tell the scablifters at Raleigh.


Au contraire, if you join with a condition and don't declare it then you can be booted before you get your kit issue.

See my previous advice, which I am sure Ninja will agree with.

Merry Christmas!

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