Whale Wars son of Cod Wars ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. The developing dispute regarding whaling in the Southern Seas appears to be edging towards the use of the Royal Australian Navy. At this stage nothing definite but mutter mutter. Southern Cod Wars . Why not trade sanctions . FIIK

    Siobhain Ryan | December 18, 2007
    KEVIN Rudd is expected to confirm this week that Japanese whalers will be monitored by the military in Australian waters.

  2. wouldn't be much of the whale left if you used that lol
  3. I think we should line up the whaler crews and fire explosive tipped bolts into them, and see how they like it.
    I am quite sure that no one else would be quite so keen to do it to whales after that.
    Anyway what a load of [email protected] "scientific research" my a??se! it's just an excuse to get away with killing whales so they can eat them.
  4. Before anyone without lots of stars and stripes on their ensign goes p**sing off the Japs, bear in mind:

    the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force has an authorised strength of 46,000 and maintains some 45,800 personnel and operates 119 major warships, including twenty submarines, fifty-three destroyers and frigates, twenty-nine mine warfare ships and boats, nine patrol craft, and nine amphibious ships. It also flies some 179 fixed-wing aircraft and 135 helicopters. Most of these aircraft are used in antisubmarine and warfare operations.

    Good thing they don't have a Navy.
  5. Tasking for the Southern Ocean has been handed to the AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS SERVICE vessel leased from P&O
  6. It appears something is getting through, good Oh

    From correspondents in Tokyo | December 19, 2007
    JAPAN has apparently agreed not to kill humpback whales during its current Antarctic hunt, the US ambassador to Tokyo said today, a move that could help ease criticism of its controversial whaling program.

    Japan's whaling fleet set sail last month with plans to catch more than 1000 whales, including 50 humpbacks, which are popular among whale-watchers for their distinctive silhouettes and acrobatic leaps, before returning to port early next year.

  7. Bad news for the none Humpback members of the genus then. This puts a whole new
    slant on manipulating public emotions and should be nipped in the bud.

  8. Impressive figures, but what about their training, motivation and leadership, not to mention the condition of their gear?
  9. Crabman, you make a very valid point. I don't honestly know but if the Japs run their Defence Force like their Industry, one suspects that it may well be to a high standard. I think MONMOUTH was the last to exercise with them. Can anyone give a clue how they measured up?

    Sadly, even the best equipped, trained and led Navy on the planet can be terminally screwed in the numbers game.
  10. Japan is surrounded by sea, though! DOH!
  11. What, a bit lke us?

    The salient point is that they have a Maritime Self Defence Force and not a Navy. The Japanese Maritime Defence Force, though, is larger than the Royal Navy. Unlike HMG, the Jap Government clearly understands the importance of afloat power projection.
  12. Despite the good things about Japanese culture they seem to have very little respect for life of any kind, human included, let alone the harmless whales.

    Scientific research Eh! bastards

    Hiroshi Oosedo, Tokyo bureau | December 21, 2007
    WHALE meat has been sold as dog food in Japan and there is a push now to encourage children to consume it to help reduce stockpiles.

  13. Whale oil beef hooked :rendeer: :rendeer:

  14. The JMSDF are an extremely professional force. We have exercised with them on a number of occcasions and they can hold their own with any western navy. They also closely follow the traditions of the old Imperial Navy - to the extent that there is a shrine at the Eta-Jima naval college honouring the sacrifice of the kamikaze pilots in WWII, and they still use physical punishment on trainees who make mistakes. I saw a sailor being beaten around the shoulders with a cane for making a mistake in the SM simulator.
  15. It appears Australia has achieved a significant step towards the goal to have whale killing prohibited. Japan has confirmed it will not kill the humpback whales in the current whaling season.

    Paul Maley and Hiroshi Oosedo | December 22, 2007
    AUSTRALIA last night scored a major diplomatic victory when Japan caved in to international pressure and dumped plans to kill 50 humpback whales on its annual hunt in the Southern Ocean.

    Just 48 hours after the Rudd Government unveiled an unprecedented campaign to monitor the Japanese fleet and expose the "sham" of scientific whaling, Tokyo agreed not to target humpback whales.

  16. Sorry Crabman but that sort of dismisiviness has landed us in hot water before (WW2, Palistine, Aden, Cyprus, Falklands etc) when will we ever learn.

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