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Whale Island

Gunnery branch had its own brand of blue badge Wrens called Range Assessors - there was a cell of these at Lossie charged with analysing results of bombing runs at Tain etc. Whaley of course also had other Wrens, cine ops etc. But not many. Marched past on Divisions to 'All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor'.
I did serve with one officer who would remember the D of K as his mess jacket got caught on the railings as he was climbng out ..
slim said:
Correct WM
My wife informs me that it was Duchess of Kent barracks for Portsmouth command WRNS
She joined in 1963 and by that time Whale Island had built WRNS Quarters, she missed the barracks by about a year. WRNS from Dolphin were also accommodated at Whale Island.

I was at Dolphin 64/65, and my striker was a Wren jack dusty. Whenever we had an evening out it was always to D of K that she returned, before I walked through Vernon for the picket boat to Blockhouse steps.
The Dolphin Wrens were granted a late "turn to" to allow for the boat from Vernon.

I unlearned the RAF method of marching and the (correct.... or else) naval method there... don't hit the deck with those boots lad or the stokers will be after you for waking them up from their beauty sleep. Only there for 2 days though, before Albert Hall......

Damn, why didn't I wake all those stokers up! :bball:
You Lucky thing lol

I had to endure the blummin' Navy Divers for flip's sake! they were a bunch of wild animals! lol

Still, it was a fun time and I look back and smile (though somewhat red faced!). BUT now, just as one has 'grown-up' and the reflective head is positioned, they have only gone and re-instated the divers to the RNR, - so its - here we go again!

Will I ever be free of my rosy complexion again?

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