Whale Island

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Welshbird, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. I was at Whale Island in 93/94 before it was commissioned back to HMS Excellent. Then it was just known as HMS Nelson Annex (WI). It was pretty quiet then, hardly any Ships Co and we had to share accomodation in the top floor of A block with the NAAFI birds. Ground floor was booties who frequently used to try and break in after a night out on the lash. Must admit not one of my favourite drafts, used to worry for my personal safety!! Escpecially as one of the duties was in the male accom block, used to have to sleep in a cabin next to the accom block office and again had to barricade myself in!!
  2. They've just torn down a few accom blocks on Whale Island, I don't know if they are replacing them. Obviously when those blocks were built women hadn't been invented yet :lol:
  3. Ah.. Whale island. As a stoker I was never there but I can remember sitting outside the small Ships Canteen in the dockyard over the way, under the shadow of the Leviathan on a summers day listening to the distant ranting of the GIs on the parade ground and the occasional screams from their victims.
    Tis said that more ratings arrived than left and my mate Pincher Martin on the Tenby always insisted that when he arrived there he was 6` tall, then after 3 weeks they had marched him down to 5`9â€.

    Oops sorry mustn’t reminisce,
    To bring you bang up to date

    HMS Excellent is unique in many respects. Not only is it the oldest shore training establishment within the Royal Navy, with lots of unmentionable traditions, it is also forward looking and progressive in the training for which it is now responsible.

    Here’s a pic I took last week of HMS Bristol moored at Excellent


    She is the latest in a succession of warships to be employed as the Royal Navy, Royal Naval Reserve, National Cadet Forces (NCF) and Youth Organizations Harbor Training and Accommodation Ship.
    With a small complement of serving and civilian personnel, Bristol operates for 50 weeks of the year providing a range of training and accommodation for a variety of personnel and has proven very popular with her ships company, especially the stokers on account of she doesn’t have any engines.

  4. UA
    Bristol doesn't have any engines or weapons now, it is just used as an accommodation ship by sea cadets and from time to time the RN.
    Apparantely she has a leak that no one can find and there's a buzz going about that she is being scrapped within the next couple of years to be replaced by the decommissioned RFA Sir Galahad.

    I bet she is popular with her ship's company, there's fcuk all work for them to do!
  5. Dunkers - the accom blocks were torn down to make way for all the extra cars now that Fleet has been joined by 2SL. They're not planning on replacing them anytime soon that I know of.

  6. So those new car parks are permanent then... I suppose we have less manpower these days anyway, so less need for accom blocks, but still...
  7. Many of the cars will belong to civvies anyway.
  8. Whenever I did ISC, we were put into a mixed block. However, only half the bottom of 1 floor was female, the rest of the block was male. The showers were mixed so we use to have to get up early to rush in, put the sign up that was usually taken and hidden! A few times one or two of us were in the shower, then you heard a guy come in and used the heads and we would freeze, brave it and grab our towels and hope for the best!
  9. I trapped a PO stoker in Excellent in 1995, he was my instructor on BSSC. We had our first snog against the electrical cupboard in A block (one of those now removed for a car park). But everytime I walk through that car park I still get all tingly. The PO Stoker is now my husband!
  10. And who said romance is dead :oops: :lol:
  11. Fraternisation! Quite shocking really, what happened to the "no touch" rule.
    Wouldn't have happened in my day :)
  12. Fist time I had heard of any one getting that close to a PO stoker and surviving. :twisted:

  13. :p I did my Q.R.2 (A) course in '66 (1 year), :lol: :lol: oh happy days. Bloody cold winter. after course sent to St George ( Exellent gunnery school annex) at the end of Southsea beach until drafted to the Hampshire. Was captain of the dish washing sink and the cleanin' of the snooker table in the NAAFI, had to test it every day. :wink: Lived in a garden shed with a big 'pot bellied stove' which had space for 18 cans of soup on the top.
    In the sping we had petrol mowers to cut the grass, they dont work on parafin, so I found out, well it looked like the spare petrol can!!!!!!! :oops:
  14. Whale Island was a great place if you were Ships company, but the complete opposite if you were on a couse there.
  15. I must confess that i don't mind excellent at all. The accom is generally clean, bedding provided, padlock for your locker.

    Food is sh*te though!
  16. Have they still got the bridge to get onto Whale Island--or the road when the tide was out . Or is it all filled in now
  17. yes they have still got it, and as I drove over it a while back I saw a rat as bold as brass sitting on it! Broad daylight it was!
  18. No doubt the ghost of some old Jossman... :grin:
  19. Had a great six months there as a stoker,driving around on a lister keeping the boilers filled with coal,duty stoker checks skippers hot water pump at 2am,guaranteed make&mend (never did find it),Oggies from the civvy canteen at stand easy,bite the corner off,fill with H.P. it was a nice summer 78.
  20. I spent 18 months on HMS Kent when she was FTS berthed at Whale Island in late 82. As slovenly ships company of the FTS we were regularly berated by the GIs ashore. I do have fond memories of the Whaley Club and getting squiffy in there from time to time.

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