Whale Island / HMS EXCELLENT

A word of advice, never ever EVER eat the lunch in the Junior Rates mess. 300 cadets there for Trafalgar parade and about 100 of them got diarrhoea. The engineers on HMS Bristol were not amused.
A bit late for most on here.......
Mrs S ate some chicken, one bite, said it tasted funny, she spent the next 3 weeks in RNH with a touch of food poisoning, what happened to rest of chicken, asks Capt Sug, my husband ate it, saying tastes ok, OMG, where is he, sea going Killick of down south, that's ok then, what they eat on runs ashore & and get fed at sea they have guts of iron, correct didn't even get wind.

Obviously 100 mites used to perfect organic grub prepared in an operating theater sterile environment, or a bunch of junk food kids not used to food?
it wasnt ideal that we had 2 days to get ready to march down the mall in front of an admiral and the captain of the sea cadets and one of the days was spend constantly running to the toilet.

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