WGOAACTGOAPTND in that he did...

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. One of the funniest I actually saw written on one of my charge sheets was

    "Did procure a MUA into moral danger".

    I obtained this little pear in Honky Fid by being the senior AB at a little soiree up the top end of Hennessy Road. :oops: :D
    It is relevant to say I went to the Captains table initially as a witness and came away with 7 days 9's and bleeding ear drums after the skipper read me the riot act and half the soddin bible. :oops:

    What was on yours and why?

    Edited to say if its GOAAPTNDACTGO I appologise its been a long time. :roll: :oops:
  2. OK. I saw this post yesterday and resisted the temptation to post any sort of reply. As no one else has, I will ask the question that has been bugging me.

    WTF is this about.
  3. Being naughty...actions/behaviour contrary to good order and naval discipline etc or some such...
  4. Drakey - Another clue is the preceding phrase "Orf Kips".
  5. Yeah, got that bit. But, WGOAAC.............?

    Confused of Cornwall.
  6. Think that the CTGOAPTND bit is .....

    "Contrary To Good Order And Prejudicial To Naval Discipline"

    The thread was for FUN, on the lines of what have you been charged with, but like all things if it needs to be explained, it obviously ain't doing the journey or making the trip. That's WTF it was about. 8O
  8. Drakey's not very old - he's probably never seen those acronyms before.
  9. Happy with that. Couldn't quite work it all out.

    (Un)confused of Cornwall.
  10. I once got trooped for riding a moped around Collingwood at 2am. Naked.

    9 days nines fcuking good times.
  11. Who spotted you?
  12. :lol: Just never got caught!!
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The Commanding Officer of Collingwood, in those days, used to go naked unicycle riding between 02:00 and 03:00.

    My guess 'twas he that bubbled him. :wink:
  14. 'Twas the officer of the day. A female one at that who was totally devoid of a sense of humour.

    Fcuking lesbian.
  15. Fair call Sol, but just like Ninja, I'm always willing to unravel the mysteries. In this instance "Naval History, and to any that ask. :D
  16. This is one thread that I could write a few verses on!! Apart from all the drunk related ones I got done for wearing my steaming bats in camp at Sultan.As skippers table was Thursday pm we all had a few up the club beforehand as you do.Got marched in , charge read found guilty fined £5 Joss says "how will you pay"
    "cash or cheque"says I.I got marched out and marched back in again.New charge of contempt.Found guilty fined £10.That wiped the fcukin smirk off my face.Hey ho all good fun :D
  17. My very first offence was shoving my fish and chip wrapper up the barrel of one of the cannons at the main gate Raleigh.
    I had after-all had two whole pints of larger. I was 15 and p1ssed after the first one. The POOD was not a humanist, or maybe not even human, and the following seven days saw those cannon shine to new levels.

    My other notable stupid stunt was to dress up( complete with hair style tash the whole issue) as Adolf Hitler. Even had the swastika arm band.
    I then emerged from the hot water /steam lobby on the jetty in Chats that just happened to have the Kriegsmarine Koln alongside.
    I emerged and saluted all on the upper scupper in my best Adolf manner.
    The astonished assembly on her upper deck stood gobsmacked as I proceeded to goose step away,....straight into the jimmy from Pembroke barracks. He said it was hilarious, I looked great and he would be sure to book me if ever the need arose for a Hitler stand in.
    Mean time he said, "Get your lid the Germans ain't laughing".
    Got 14 days for that. Big gloom. :evil:
  18. I know I've posted this before but it really is quite awesome.


    Edited to add: It wasn't me by the way.
  19. :D Classic!
  20. Some will remember that when they restored the gate to the dry dock in Gig a few years ago they found one of the old 10 ton Army Bedford trucks.

    I would like to publicly deny any knowledge of this truck which disappeared from outside the Admiralty office at approx 0230 0n Friday the 12Th July 1969, whilst Perce had a pee. :D :D

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