Wetherspoons refuse Military ID

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BusterQuin, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Though it is indeed disappointing that two marines just back from Afghan were refused entry, in Pompey of all places, why should Wetherspoons accept it? You surely wouldn't normally use a MOD90 as ID? Use your driving license.

    For PERSEC reasons it shouldn't be used anyway.

    There is no need for any outrage here; yes the doormen displayed a lack of common sense but that's about it.
  2. This doesn't at all surprise me that when the top cats that run Wetherspoons didn't think of a RN ID Card as a valid proof of age, because unless you've either seen it or been informed of it a civvy wouldn't know what it is and what information it provides.

    But having said that, are the doormen not able to use discretion to determine what ID is valid and what isn't? There must be some sort of training given to door staff to determine a fake RN ID Card from a real one? Especially in Portsmouth I'm surprised that nobody's cottoned on to the fact that there are a load of matelots and bootnecks about! Admitting the two gentlemen concerned would not have cost them their jobs.

    I think this was probably just used as an excuse because the doormen didn't like the look of their faces or something.
  3. I'm outraged. It might be a nice idea but why do so many Service personnel still seem to think that their Service ID card, issued specifically for Service purposes (read the back), should be any more valid for entering civilian premises than any of the plethora of MoD passes, other Civil Service passes, contractors' passes, establishment car passes, Cadet Forces ID Cards, union membership cards or, for that matter, Tesco loyalty cards? Don't they realise what these official documents are for? At least they didn't hand their ID cards to a night club receptionist or taxi driver as surety for payment or use them to try to guarantee cheques like some idiots I remember. Fortunately, we're more security conscious these days... or are we?

    It's tough enough expecting main gate sentries to recognise all the valid types of passes affording entry to Service establishments without expecting every bartender, off-license employee, club doorman or supermarket checkout clerk to be familiar with them as proof of age too. These booties have my sympathy but Service ID cards are issued for a specific purpose and it doesn't include getting into pubs.
  4. Words fail me! I've always thought Wetherspoons pubs as shite holes in my far from humble opinion and full, during the day time. of chavs and pikies and the unemployable.white stelloted shod chavettes and their screaming dragged up kids, the beer tastes like piss. Boycott the bastards
  5. They fulfil the criteria accepted by the Security Industry Association as being assured ID; image, tamper hologram, basic biographic information.

    The irritating thing is that this is quite common, I've spent some time seconded to other government departments at various times during my career and few of them accept anything other than passport or driving licence as acceptable proof of ID when drawing ID cards for their buildings. that psses me off no end.
  6. I never used to have a problem using my armed forces ID when I was in. But it seems over the last couple of years more and more of these stories pop up.

    I got ID'd for being a vegetable knife in a supermarket not so long ago. You have to 16 years or old to buy a knife of that sort.

    I feel alot of people just don't have the common sense any more. I'm 30 years old I look nothing like a boy under the age of 16. When the women at the till saw my age she said "ooo must be something in the water you are drinking!"

    " You need to drink some then love! " I replied.
  7. That's nothing - I got thrown out of Sainsbury's for being a frying-pan :bounce:
  8. Tommo - If some lovely lass asked me for proof of age, I'd immediately ask her for a date and only advise her to consult an optician if she declined. :wink:
  9. Being a frying pan??

    I don't blame them you fruit loop :lol: Vegetable Knife is better to be

    Yes I notice I wrote being now not buying :oops:
  10. :D :D :D
  11. My Father, a snob of the highest order .Always told me that any establishment that refused entry on a dress code or ID.Was nothing more than a mark of a dive .And should be avoided at all cost as it would be frequented by nothing other than riff raff and the type of chap or chapeter that you really did not wish to be associated with :wink:
  12. In the dim and distant days before bank cards and other forms of plastic most establishments would accept payment by cheque on production of a military ID. Chains like Wetherspoons seem to set thems selves up to look stupid by having rules like this. Any numptie in their PR department outgh to have been able to work out that if they run pubs in military areas this particular form of sh1t is going to hit their fan so not being prepared shows very bad planning and management
  13. Yes, and as a young CORRO I had the nause of having to deal with several letters each month demanding that the Royal Navy 'cough up' for bounced cheques despite these being personal transactions! Just because it happened didn't make it right. As I said in my first post, Service ID cards are not intended to get people into boozers, buy cigarettes at newsagents or serve any other unofficial purposes and those trying to use them as such only bring the Service and themselves into disrepute.
  14. Well I did my time as CORRO too, and never had to deal with such correspondance, perhaps our lads ripped of a better class of retailer who knew the RN was not their debt collection service. The real popint is though that a chain like JD Wethewrspoons should have seen this one coming and failed miserably to either head it of or do decent damage limitation.
  15. Whilst understanding that to combat underage drinking, bars need to protect themselves by needing some form of ID for entry , is everyone asked to prove their age.?
    I thought that this was only needed when doormen were unsure , but looking at the photo of the two royals I would think that they definately looked old enough to imbibe!!
    However, myself being a skin 72 years old am often asked for proof of age at witherspoons. I Wish!!!!!
  16. Presumably using their MOD90 to qualify for the discount, right? The idiocy of some people knows no bounds and this one just dropped himself in it.
  17. Now there I agree with you.
  18. Don't I remember the "Walkabout" chain dropping itself in the poo when one of its branches refused to serve Royals in uniform after a funeral?

    Service ID is merely proof that we are who we say we are. Maybe a Service boycott of JD Wetherchav would concentrate the management's mind?
  19. Last summer I went on a cricket tour and stayed in Exeter. There was a Wetherspoons nearby and there was a notice on the door banning booties from going in there.

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