Wet phase of submariner training.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Jess33, Feb 28, 2016.

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  1. Hi
    My son has completed the dry phase and has now got date to join boat to complete his training. Just wondering - how long will this bit take and will he remain on the boat until he completes it. At that point does he get his Dolphins? Just wondering! It's all taken quite a time! He has been in 2 years shortly, and hasn't been at sea yet. Once finished do they then have to wait for a vacancy on a boat to serve on? Thanks in advance
  2. During wet phase he will get a maximum of 3 months to qualify, on succesful completion he will receive his dolphins and submarine pay will start. Whether he stays on that boat is down to the boat and the squadron. If the boat has someone in his branch due a relief he may well stay on that boat, if not, he'll go inboard and wait for a billet to become available.
  3. Thanks wrecker he home every weekend at the minute on the bevy! He really has to go to sea and experience true working life. I will miss him but he kicking the arse out of home life bevying all the time. 23 months he has been in let's hope he not sea sick ! It's been a while from start threw to end of training !
  4. 23 years I was in and still get sea-sick!

    But so did Nelson allegedly!
  5. Do you get sea sickness on subs? Silly question probably ?
  6. A few do when on the roof or at periscope depth. Boats, being round and not having a sharp bow like our surface dwelling bretheren, tend to go through waves but roll like a bastard.

    You don't even know your at sea when deep and level, and as the saying goes, happiness is being at 200 metres in a Force 8 :)
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  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    But of course you Nucipoo's don't know the pleasures of pooping in a following sea.
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  8. Wrecker - it sounds brilliant ! Am just willing the day to come for him to go to sea before I kill him on his visits home! ! ! lol
  9. As "nucipoo's" are true submarines as opposed to submersibles, we don't need to worry about following seas, or any other coming to that, although being on roof in a Force 10 off Arran is quite "interesting" shall we say ;)
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  10. YES!!

    You really, really do not want to be a PD down south for several hours because some twonk in CTF345 or whatever it is has set the wrong crypto. Skipper sent them a BUFFS signal.

    But you really, really do want to be in excess of 500 feet off the Hebrides when even a carrier has to run for cover - and we could still feel it.

    If you think about it, a submarine is basically just a tube, which can and does roll.
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  11. Another stupid question - it's an a boat he going on to complete training. How do they keep in touch if at all ? !!!!
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Jess33 its an Astute class Boat, A class Boats were inhabited by a far better class of person in the Diesel Boat days. Whilst at sea there will be very little if any contact directly.
  13. If you are in an area you can transmit and once all other official traffic is out of the way, you may be able to send/receive e-mails but it's not a given and it could be weeks before you can hear anything.
  14. My caps!

    Ah, remember when you used to sit and write mailies home and numbered them all so that 'she' would know in which order to read them and also so that 'she' could check they were all there?
  15. I never used to write :)
    Probably explains why I never got any :(

    Did phone home as soon as I got to the hotel though.

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