Wet canteen to club

Having been detailed off by a lovely Wren Captain's Secretary to be a joint Chairman with a decorated long-serving Chief Aircrewman to oversee the ending of the Wet Canteen . I died--- I was to take up an overseas appointment in two months time on leaving the navy.
Two Naval airmen had died within a month or so of each other drinkiing vast amounts of subsidised scrumpy.
However we managed to end all that.
The Seahawk " All ranks " Club was born The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having seen the success of all-ranks Toch-H and Crabfats Malcolm Clubs decided to give it a go.

The Skipper at Culdrose at the time wasn't so easily pursuaded however.
He was of the opinion that anything varying in species should be kept apart.

Naafi spent a fortune on it and I am led to believe it endured for 30 odd years whence it became a keep-fit centre.

The dear Chief attempted to entice the Chiefs and PO's to come and sample the bussed-in talent as I did to those other parts of ship.
Left the RN a few months later so was never aware at how well or bad a venture it had been.
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