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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. ...or where your hard earned taxes go...

    A Conservative MP, Conway, in Ted Heath's former constituency, has admitted paying his son £1000 a month for 17 hours work a month whilst he was, er, studying full-time at Newcastle University. The MP was unable to produce any evidence that his son had actually done any work for his dad!

    Of course were you or I to do the same, we'd get locked up for fraud/theft.

    BBC Online: 28 Jan 08
  2. Not exactly a new thing though is it thingy. IMHO MP's should be barred from employing family and friends
  3. Nothing new, though the payments were excessive for the experience, work being allegedly being carried out and supposed working hours of his son. For reference, a member of staff at Westminster doing the same work for 17 hours a week, with no experience, at undergraduate level, might expect a monthly salary (before tax and pensions deductions) of around £500 and on this pay scale grade would only qualify for a bonus of around £400 gross for the whole year, were his work exceptional, ie a Box 1 marking - never actually awarded to staff at such a lowly grade.
  4. And why am I not shocked, why am I not purple with rage!

    They are fecking Bomb proof, feckless, and totally imune to the real world. But you can rest assured that the House will do nothing, and the apathetic voter in the constituency, will neither challenge nor vote him out.

    I give up. Come the revolution, put them against the well and shoot the fecking lot :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  5. I understand the gordo and a number of his henchmen are having their expenses looked at from a few years ago, what the betting anything controversial will be whitewashed
  6. He 'misdirected' about £45000 in total, and is having to pay back about £13000. He will also receive a fortnight's holiday from Westminster.
    So no probs there then. The taxpayer has found another bargain.

  7. Doesn't suprise me in the slightest , makes my fxxxxxxxxg blood boil .
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    What suprises me is the other MP's noticed someones snout was in the trough.

    It's a bit like saying "the new officer was so thick the other Cavalry officers noticed."

    It really is one rule for them and another for us. Some tosser was on Radio 5 earlier actually trying to defend the bloke...........?

    Saying, "c'mon, how many self employed fellas have pulled a fast one?" Hello? they get jumped on if caught and so should MP's.
  10. From what I saw on the news earlier, the 45 grand covers paying 2 of his kids, both of whom were at University at the time, one in Newcastle ! If you or I had fiddled a similar sum, would we get a 2 week suspension ? Let's see one of these pigs at the trough get indicted and prosecuted for fraud - that's what it is, and it's OUR MONEY !!!
  11. I read today that Cameron has been warned not to make an example of Conway as so many MPs might rebel. Now why might they rebel? Something to hide perhaps... after all Conway is a former Conservative Whip, and thereby knows the secrets of his colleagues! :pissedoff:
  12. From what I understood, the 45 grand was made up of 3 year's salary at £11,333, plus £10,000 in bonuses, paid to the younger son for a theoretical 17 hour week as a research assistant, whilst he was 'studying' at Newcastle University.
    When asked, he couldn't even name his Father's political agent!
    The news about similar payments to an older son emerged later.

    Public servant found with hand in till? Should equal public trial, fine commensurate with amount of money diverted, prison sentence, dismissal from job, loss of pension rights. (See outcome of RN Catering trials in 1971/2)

  13. Remember the catering trials of that era - numerous acquaintainces of mine went down or pleaded insanity for what happened then - but most of the establishments where the fiddles were occuring won civvy catering awards !! An old Chief Pusser I knew on a frigate (where we ate like kings, except for the mushroom heads going to the WR and the stems to the ships company galley) went to jail rather than hand over his stash, came out and got a job as the catering manager in Swan Hunters (his home town). Thank Fcuk I was nuts and bolts...........
  14. Yes Isa, me too!
    Most of them were known to me, quite a few were well respected oppos.
    I was sunbathing on the fo'csle somewhere off East Africa when the Captain sent for me. His wife had sent him all the preliminary cuttings from the Telegraph, and it was the first we had heard of it. Fortunately I was able to assure him that our ship would not be involved.

    When all the dust had settled and I returned to the FES in another ship, all provisions had to be ordered through the Army, and a very fat and prosperous, smarmy WO2 from the RAOC came aboard to take my order.
    He was able to tell us how rewarding it was to be the official message bearer between HM Ships and Johnny Season.
    Didn't seem to stop all the Jimmys, Joss's, and Buffers, from gaining a buckshee bespoke suit or two either!!

  15. Back in '91 I was one of those CPO's selected for DO's course at Whale Island. The course was one month, if I remember, and it revolved around a theoretical ship called HMS Dimbulate. Anyone done the course ?.

    It was basically a corrupt ship, bankrupt etc. and those of us on the course, young WAFU 2 ringers back from Gulf War 1 , couple of RAF F/Lt's and about 5 CPO's, were given theoretical positions on board and we were to sort the problem out over the month.

    It was the S&S branch.

    What can I say ?
  16. Please elaborate Diesel, your post didn't make much sense to me!

  17. All I was saying 2BM is that fiddling has been, and still is, going on in the RN for years. The fact that the DO's course is (or was) based around a fictitious dodgy S&S dept. on a fictitious frigate means that obviously the RN knows it.

    It was a good course (Cluedo ?). We did do other sh1t as well.

    In the early nineties the pusser decided that Divisional Officer roles will be passed to Senior Rates to administer JR's in their division, thus releasing the sprog officers from this task. One reason being they were over worked the other being that the sprog officers were having the piss taken out of them by the three badge parrots. ( are you still a virgin Sir ? etc. ).
  18. What I find hypocritical about all this is that if the Hain thing had'nt come to light, then the Conway fraud would not have been made public. Lets face it, all the MPs are at it and they all know it. This is just tit for tat actions taken by Labour because of what has happened to Hain.
  19. Well, although I was aware that MPs were on a gravy train, of sorts, I was not aware that it was quite as corrupt as the European Parliament. It obviously is and, if we are to be able to wag the admonishing finger at corrupt despots like Mugabe and the seeming majority of other post-colonial African states, we need to weed this theft out of our own public institutions.

    It is to be hoped that Mr Conway is not allowed to carry on drawing his salary and expenses until the next election and that there is a by-election in his constituency next week. Meanwhile all MPs should be made to employ staff who are not family members at normal Civil Service secretarial rates, which I am sure would be less than the £34000 plus bonuses that Mrs Conway is getting.
  20. 10 days suspension from the House of Commons. Wow! Draconian, eh?
    I'm with Frank Field - he should have been charged with embezzlement, because that's what he did. However, his mates in Parliament don's think they should refer this to the police. Crooks, the lot of 'em.

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