Westland Wessex

Can anyone help me identify and tell me some history of this Wessex Languishing in the car park at Crowborough Army Training Camp and has been there for around 10 years. I think its from the 60s.
Thanks for the info I am hoping someone can give any more info on it's service record.
I had a good clamber round she us in incredibly good condition inside with most of the interior and avionics in place
Shame she's in such a state. I bet there is a bunch of people somewhere in some museum who would like to do it up.

Maybe the FAA Museum would be interested or the Curator would have some info. Have you tried these guys:-


Good luck i'll watch this thread with interest. Nice pics BTW.


Lantern Swinger
What is it with random Army camps and wessex's? Theres one sitting at Altcar as well.

P.S. wonder what you have been doing this weekend. :lol:


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This sort of thing intrigues me. How did it end up there?

Was it flown there and someone just said "Right we won't use that any more, so lets just push it into that corner and we'll get the bus home"?
I think XS510 was a 772 Squadron helicopter at Portland. (Yes, I know the PO on the tail is a bit of a give away) But the tail could have been replaced.

Portland based 772 operated Wessex Mk 5's in the 70' and 80's.
Links; Stick them together and you start to get a picture of what and where the helicopter was during the 70's and 80's, ending up at Lee on Solent as a training airframe for the training mechanics.






And all done from the comfort of my sofa, simply typing in XS510 - simples!!!!!!
We transferred from 845 with the last wessy 5, when they went SK MK 4 in 1986, to 772. Then disbanded in summer 1987. Was an easy A/C to work on greenie/bombhead wise, grubbers loved a good head grease....
Patrick said:
Shame its just dumped there, could go to Daedalus or bring it here to Sultan, theres a few Wessex's here already.
If you had followed the links on the thread or googled. You would have discovered the Wx has already done the rounds of the training establishments. Unless museums take on these wrecks then there is little future and they will deteriorate to a dangerous state.

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