Westland Black Hawk

Ah the old Westlands scandal from the 80s. IIRC this was what led to theh resignation of Heseltine and gave that oily [email protected] Leon Brittan some trouble as well. Westlands were getting courted by two camps, Sikorsky and what became Eurocopter (I think - its 20 years ago so forgive my memory). The options were to develop a European helo as part of a joint venture or licence build S-70 airframes (UH60, SH60 etc). Heseltine went for the Euro option, but was overruled and then resigned. As far as I know, they never actually managed to build any of the S-70s for anyone, (let alone replace the Puma).

Funny old thing, they're now Agusta Westland and part of Finnmecchania via GKN Sankey. Sikorsky nowhere in sight.......

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