Western Morning News: "Navy Is Pride Of Nation Says PM During Dartmouth Visit"

The Prime Minister arrived by helicopter at Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth to take the salute as 68 officer cadets completed 30 weeks' training... The Tory leader gave a rousing speech in balmy conditions on the south Devon coast, describing his first such parade address to the Senior Service as "leaving the best until last"...
Hmmm! Remember what happened a couple of months after this:

No.10 website 24 Jun 2010 said:
The Prime Minister has emphasised the important (sic) of the navy's role and the Government’s commitment to supporting military personnel during a visit to HMS Ark Royal.

It looks as though the writing is on the wall for BRNC.


Lantern Swinger
Fancy having that **** at your passing out parade.
It`d bring you to tears, one slimy lying oxygen thief, you with a rifle, and no bullets to be had anywhere.