Western M. News: "Cameras Roll In Lympstone For 32-week Royal Marine Recruit Course"

"The intensive training of Royal Marines recruits at the Commando Training Centre (CTC) in Lympstone has been captured on camera for a ground-breaking fly-on-the-wall television series.

Starting in January, television production company, Twofour Broadcast, which is behind award-winning programmes Educating Yorkshire and Harry’s South Pole Heroes, spent six weeks at the camp.

After a lengthy period of research, Plymouth-based Twofour began filming using a mixture of wall-mounted cameras and traditional hand-held technology.

The editorial process is expected to be complete by August with the series likely to air in the autumn. A web-site will also accompany the series."

Cameras roll in Lympstone for 32-week Royal Marine recruit course | Western Morning News
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