Western Daily Press: "Veteran Wessex Helicopter Returns Home To RNAS Yeovilton"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Saw a Wessex on the back of a low loader,last week. Coloured green and sand cammo. Had PO on tail rotor housing.
    the rotor head was in situ but the blades were only about 4 ft long. The sighting was by Truro. Sadly it had gone by the time. Ad parked up
  2. Would have been better in its old SAR livery lol
  3. 4' long rotor blades!!!

    Not going to generate much lift from them!!!!:laughing7:
  4. Worked a lot with these old workhorses, good old cabs, had to watch the Avpin state a few times.
  5. Wots that then
  6. Engine started with Avpin, highly dangerous stuff, they carried I think 9 pints of the stuff, and used 3 pints per start.
  7. Not a job I would choose, was off Aden, I think, Wessex came in to pick up/off load a net full, for some reason it bounced down on the crew, tilted sideways, blades hit a lad, with horrific results, the engine lifted out of the chopper and went across the deck into the sea, a booty got some bling for throwing some of the lads on the deck out of the way.
  8. We lost one over the side on the Bulwark in 1975 (or '76, memory's going). Crew all got out though.

    VB of 848 squadron
  9. Sorry Handler, but Avpin was used to start the Wessex Mk 1's with the Gazelle engine. The Wessex 5 in the picture had 2 x Gnome gas turbines.

    Avpin was/is a mono fuel. It requires no oxygen to burn. Bit of a ****** to play with.
  10. Ah different engine then, but it was shitty stuff to play with, the flame was just about invisible.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The dope on a rope is much slimmer nowadays!
  12. That one is used as the Winching Wessex display for airways etc. Hydraulic winch is still functional, it is craned onto a stand and the kiddies get winched up and down on it.
  13. me and Waspie want to get in that kiddies queue for a go!!!!! :laughing5:
  14. Here's me in action on the very Winch Sim!!

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  15. That must be many moons ago that the chopper was built....it's got Doppler beneath!!!
  16. What did that weirdo in flying overalls do to you once he'd winched you onboard?
  17. Hoy!

    I resemble that 'weirdo'!!!!!!=D
  18. Avpin was used to start the old whirlwind choppers as well.caused a lot of fires in those days,had to be prepared with the old extinguisher,just in case.I was rescued from the Atlatic Conveyor(1982) by a wessex 5,part of the load we carried,the HERO pilot picked up 17 survivors,and he was short of fuel,,eventually landed on Hermes,i owe tha man my life.If you read this THANK YOU
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  19. Interested in knowing which W/W used Avpin as a starting agent. I worked on the Mk 7 and it was cartridge start.

    Edited bit.

    Avpin is used to start Gas Turbine engines. The only Whirlwind to use a gas turbine was the Mk 9. Mk 9's were converted from the Mk 7 which had the Leonardes Major radial piston engine. The Mk 9 was fitted with the Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbine which used an electric start!
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