Western Daily Press: "Marines Sent Into Somerset Levels"

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. "The Army (sic) were finally deployed to Somerset's flood-hit communities this evening.

    Last night 16 Royal Marines from 40 Commando filled and handed out sandbags near the drowned village of Burrowbridge.

    The soldiers (sic) - who have been on standby for a week - took over from council workers and volunteers who had been piling sand into bags all afternoon."

    Marines sent in to Somerset Levels | Western Daily Press
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  3. Well done the Army...

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  4. Thanks very much! ;)
  5. Sloppy reporting by BBC . . Don't think Marines like being lumped together with Army . . .

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  6. Great to see 32 weeks of basic training didn't go to waste.
    This should be a job for the scum who populate the unpaid work force of community service.

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  7. We're in the Armed Forces, being paid 24/7/365. Why shouldn't we do it? We do after all provide disaster relief abroad do we not?
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  8. Valid point mukka, but when you think of the multitudes of lame and lazy probably sat at home with there cans of cheap lager and cider, criticising every move the military make!!! kinda sickening. Bet they soon moan if the booties haven't kept the social security offices dry - or is dole done via BAC's payment these days. Save them getting up in the mornings, so inconvenient!!!!!!
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