Wester Ross Scotland

Just wondering if anyone has been Wester Ross in Scotland, its at the northern eastern part of the highlands. Going camping for a week there pretty soon, its looks like a good area.
It's a beautiful area and you'll love it. Be warned about the midges though. Even if you think you have experienced midges before, you ain't seen nothing yet. I'd buy some midge coils (things that burn and give off fumes the midges dislike) for your campsite in the evening, midge cream, and maybe even a head net (although this might be a bit OTT).
Start_the_Buccaneer said:
An aerosol can and a lighter might provide a good evening's entertainment (if not an effective air defence)
Not a good idea. Sure it'll be funny until the can runs out, but midges are attracted to CO2 (it helps them find respiring animals) so as soon as you stop you'll be surrounded by more than you started with. Your best bet is to stop breathing ;)
I herd bout the midges. I just nothced that i wrote that it in the north east, i thinks its in the north west. But i think you know what i am on about. Anyway i read bout the midges, but i will be staying next to the coast and from the reviews i have read its not as bad, but they pretty much said the same thing as you timetojoinup.

It looks like a stunning area and defo worth the eight hour drive, im taking my girlfriend as its her first camping trip and thought its a good place to start. She is a keen mountainbiker and walker and there seem to be loads of good routes. Cant wait to go.


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Midges are strange beasts, some people can walk about in the swarms no problem, others like myself are driven insane. I recommend investing in this.
Oh yea gotta take the mountain bikes. There might be some decent downhill routes. But we will also be doing some hiking.

Been reading this about the area


I am surprised that i even managed to presuade her to go, as she was dead set on Cuba, and after talking some sense in her mainly bout the money side of things, she finally saw the light.
The West Highland Midgie is a truly fearsome beast. When I smoked, they never bothered me. In fact people who despised smoking were known to gather round and ask me to light up another couple of ciggies, just for some respite.
Ever since I stopped 7 years ago they tend to regard me as fresh meat. I do spend a lot of time up there, as that's where the Old Leathery Trout hails form. The bite tends to swell, itch like crazy, and then blister. How lucky am I?
I saw a young female tourist in Applecross sitting on the ground with a towel over her head while boyfriend erected the tent.
A picture of abject misery. I can see why tourists say they'll never be back.

Try Avon "Skin So Soft", you'll smell lovely and it does offer some relief, although short lived. It was funny walking into the pub with lots of people lathering the stuff on. There were no midgies, probably because they couldn't breathe. I know I couldn't!

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