Wessex on the counties

Discussion in 'History' started by BONNACON, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Anyone know of a video or diagram of how Wessex were stowed on county class Destroyers?
    I have always wondered what sort of "dance" it was to get one from the flight deck into the side loading hanger. How many men, how long and what was the worse sea state this could be attempted in.
    Thinking on, what about Wasp stowage on tribals. That must have been fun as well.

    first post. Be gentle!
  2. Well, in the old days I was a dabber on a County and a REM on a Tribal. I recall helping to get Humphrey into the hanger on one occasion - tractor broken? Can't remember, but it seemed tough doing it by hand.On the Tribal, I seem to recall that the Wasp came up from inside a wee box, then big long plate thingies had to be laid across a well area to 'make' the flight deck.

    No doubt a proper Wafu will be along later!

  3. Could you make do with Waspie instead
  4. I do have a set of pics showing a Wasp being 'stowed' on the Tartar. I will scan them and post when done.

    Loverly little exercise. Rotate the Wasp 90 deg. Move to the front of the flight deck where the lift was. Fold rotors. Lower Wasp into hanger. Then!!!

    Lift 12/13 heavy metal covers over the now hole in the FD. Lock the covers in place. The guy carrying the covers at the front of the FD had a precarious job as he had only a few inches to walk along to position the covers. Interesting in roughers!

    The procedure wouldn't have been needed if the designers had taken into account that when the budgie was put in the cage the depth of the deck, now the hanger floor had been taken into account. Tossers!!

    Edited bit - I won't be able to scan pics until Wednesday so those of you who are waiting with baited breath better come up for air cos the bloody pictures are at work. And I'm not going in just to post some pics. I don't like the place that much - read - hate the fugging place!!!!
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  5. "mrs hawkins" was not very helpful.

    This has been bugging me for years I can see how the need for the seaslug guidance to have a clear ark put it where it was but why not just half a deck higher. The wessex would not have to be shoved around a corner then shoved sideways into the hanger.
  6. Probably designed by the same idiot that had a hand in the Tribal fiasco!
  7. Be way high of the waterline, on a County class if they ever did have them Lol

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