Wessex HU5 crash- Turkey

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Richie, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone remember any details about a Wessex HU5 crash in Turkey round-about '81. 845 Sqdn. Pilot SLt Andy Marshall
  2. only one i can find recorded in 81 is this one 07/10/1981 XT448 S Wessex HU5 845 NAS Ditched into the Atlantic thirty miles off Savannah, Georgia after tail rotor failure while operating off HMS Hermes
  3. Wasn't 84 was it .
    Went into ground resenance or what ever it is called, when it landed on the runway and flipped over with a load of booties aboard.
  4. Could you expand on this, please? This incident has been impossible to trace so far.
  5. One good thing, is it looks as though their are no Casualties, around those years, i think, for 845 Sqdn.
  6. I was on 845 then, can't recall it
  7. have sussed Andy Marshall - still lives near Yeovil and is flying the new Dassult tri-jet for the knobs - not embarrassed to talk about it anymore - see's it was 25 years ago ('83 from Hermes), trying to get more gen. Maybe the Jungies can assist.
  8. This one??? 07/12/1983 XT459 D Wessex HU5 845 NAS Suffered a whiteout and crashed shortly after take off from Setermoen, Norway. Four on board were injured
  9. Yeh I left hermes in -83- just before she did the Med deployment prior to coming home to de-commission so she was out Turkey way.
    Sure its the same incident cab rolled over on landing full of tooty bootys.
  10. Norway Turkey not quite the same.
  12. Ground RESONANCE :wink: Rcovery is possible, but not in this case. I still cant find any record of a Wessex Hu5 being written off in 83, but will ask around
  13. There was two trains of thought as to how to deal with Ground Res.

    One was to lift off if power was available. The other was to quickly shut down and swiftly apply the rotor brake (smartish too).

    Singa's 71, Lt Ives 848 NAS was climbing into a Wx5, the crewman was stick holding during a rotors running pilot change. The aircraft developed G/R whilst Ives had one leg in the cockpit the other on the external step. Ives leant across and throttled back whilst the crewman hauled in on the collective in an attempt to get the Wessie airborne.

    Result was it shook itself apart, flipped on its side and a rotor blade made an appearance in the Simbang swimming pool!!!!! Crew were shaken but not stirred!!!!! :oops:

    Stuff all to do with Turkey but the ground res thing hit a memory muscle.
  14. RESONANCE thats the word, not had to use it for a while so forgot how to spell it and couldn't be arsed to look it up.

    There was definatly an 845 cab which rolled over around the 83/84 whether it was written off ?
    The air crewy involved was on Ascension in 85 and I recall him telling me about it and having to chuck and drag booties out of the port aft window as it went over on to its stbd side.
    There were no serious casualties apart from a few broken limbs all in a days work for a Royal.
  15. I have searched 't' internet for Wessie five crashes.

    Found this;


    07/10/1981 XT448 S Wessex HU5 845 NAS Ditched into the Atlantic thirty miles off Savannah, Georgia after tail rotor failure while operating off HMS Hermes
  16. wessie states ditched.jpg Hi Waspie just for your info this is the Georgia one after it was recovered aboard.
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  17. I was Rusty B ships company for this one,
    [TD="class: xl68"]16/01/1976
    [TD="class: xl66"]XT758
    [TD="class: xl84"]B-VB
    [TD="class: xl66"]Wessex HU5
    [TD="class: xl66"]848 NAS
    [TD="class: xl69"]Suffered a control failure when 5ft above the deck of HMS Bulwark. It moved 50ft off the starboard bow and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean 780 miles off the Azores. The crew escaped safely. It sank while being recovered
  18. New to RR so apologies for bump.

    Hermes' last trip around the Med in 1983. Cab brought back onboard underneath an 846 SK 4. Returned to Yeovilton by road & subsequently scrapped following the ship's return to Pompey, iirc.

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