Were the Abulancemen joking or being serious?


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An ambulance crew has been reported for comments made about a patients weight and the best way for her to be removed from her home. I believe that it is possible that they were not joking but discussing the safest way to move the patient. Unfortunately the woman's weight is not stated, but perhaps there were health and safety issues?
Perhaps some of our medics could comment?

Inquiry into 999 'fat joke' claim

"Mr Teague said the ambulance crew had been at their house for two hours deliberating how to move her."

While Mr Teague may be overstating the case, it could be that slim is right, after all, if you have a 400lb woman and a narrow staircase, do you want to be the one beneath her if your oppo cant stop her? Meanwhile, I dont suppose the immobilisation stretchers come in "brontosaurus" (Yup, I am making a fat joke, but its ok since I am not a paramedic, just a waster on RR). I expect Mr Teague didnt think they were serious about calling the fire/rescue to knock the window out, but I have seen it done. Maybe they could just blow up the carcass like they did with that whale...........
Ive had a few experiences of moving large patients from houses etc,we always try to do it with as much dignity as possible.
However you cant get away from the fact that sometimes extreme measures have to be taken to remove these people.
Ive had the fire brigade and chippys out to remove windows etc and it is difficult to manage these situations without creating a scene or disturbance.
The people themselves must accept some of the blame for their condition and try not to be too sensitive.
A colleague of mine had a similar episode with a woman that they couldnt get out of her bedroom because she weighed 30 stone. The drip stands were called and she was lifted out (in her chair) through her bedroom window having had to take the bricks out also.

What do these people want us to do?? I weigh 12 1/2 stone and am currently off work with a back injury, funnily enough!!

The key to this is that the ambulance service has a zero lift policy whereby unless the patient has breathing difficulties, chest pains or isnt mobile they walk. The problem here is that the woman has lived a sedentary lifestyle, maybe through no fault of her own but shouldn't expect matey and his oppo to lift her.

PS love the "trust me i'm S.R" Rod. The blind leading the blind!! :thumright:
Mate of mine who was once in the undertaking world had a call to a high rise flat. For any youngsters reading a flat is a cheap version of a luxury apartment. Same thing really you pay for the luxury apartment title.

Anyways this family where all sat sitting playing cars and where told the deceased is in the bedroom. Thirty stone male.

They told the family he was to heavy to carry not sure how to move him.

No problem six of then grabbed him by the ankles and dragged him down the stairs and threw him in the hearse. Then returned to play cards
You have to expect a certain amount of abuse if you are grossly obese.
How can you expet others to respect you if you have no respect for yourself?
This woman would never have fit into a wheelchair!!!As for the state of her health,she was onto a loser to start with,Diabetes,Asthma and some degree of heart failure i shouldnt wonder as well..It says she was 17.5 stone,from the picture i'd have said she was well in excess of that weight!

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