We're not good enough.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Sentenashi, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. The americans are accusing us of Military shortcomings in Afghanistan.
  2. Who cares what the Yanks think?

    It's their fcuking war, we should get out and leave them to it.
  3. Yes I know, but what's that about bombing our 'royals' (sic)?
  4. When was the last "friendly" fire incident?
  5. sentabomb.... I somehow realise you maybe right about things for once, but these guys won'nt consider thinking of different scenarios for different people's minds, they are here to protect us.
    And that maybe mentally, physically or spirituality... which they will not do on a forum, so do not even ask!
  6. Yes I can see the Generals being, or at least coming accross as arrogant, with an air of superiority especially to the Septics, but then thats because of cultural differences generally - just I've found most americans i've spoken to quite intense and overly serious (with exceptions, of course)

    We didn't fail in Southern Iraq, its stablised hasn't it?

    And we can't supply our own helicopters and air support, because defnese spending has been pared to the bone - something the Americans, with their $500billion budget need to get into their thick skulls. And anyway, they CAN learn from us - NI and Malaya, and they do need to adjust their attitudes/methods.

    But then again, i'm sure we have our operational limitations as well.

    However you look at it, its exceptionally unprofessional, and really stupid to critisise one of their closest allies. I can't wait until China or India bring them down a peg or three, later in my lifetime, and force them to realise their not the centre of the universe.
  7. Please, what does any of that mean?

    Seriously, not picking on you, but that is just a load of letters thrown together.

    mattboy that is...
  8. Thought you were speaking about me. Was getting most upset, tears streaming down my face, arm cocked teddy to hand and all that ;)
  9. The source of your information regarding American blue on blues against the RM please.
  10. I don't doubt for 1 minute that some toff brigadier with a double barrel name has been laying it on thick with the Americans about ''Taking a leaf out of our books reference Malaya and NI blah blah blah. ''
    Malaya, NI, Afghan are all completely different ball parks not up for comparison. The Yanks have just had 6 intense years in Iraq with a steep learning curve on dealing with counterinsurgency, the American top brass dont deserve snide and patronising remarks by these siver spooned armchair generals.
    If the Americans feel that insulting our men who are fighting for their lives everyday in what is without doubt the toughest province to operate in Afghanistan by making snide remarks that we are punching above our weight and operating half heartedly just because they have a beef with our sh1t for brains top brass then i suggest we pull out of Afghansistan and kiss that sh1thole goodbye.
    Let's see how the American national guard deals with it. No prizes for guessing the outcome.
  11. Ah Diplomacy - allies working together for a single, united, focussed common aim - it fair warms the cockles of your heart doesn't it.

    Why don't we just rotate it on a 6-monthly basis like we do the EU Presidency and get the other NATO nations not actually stuck in and doing anything (at the time) to vote on our performance Eurovision style!

    The other option is that we keep on like we are with different approaches, penny packet contributions from members who should know better, perpetual sniping from "friends", gross underfunding and a push-me pull-me approach that will just tie up resources and achieve the square root of bugger all for decades to come.

    Here endeth the sermon!
  12. If you want a conventional war won the the US can be safely left with it. However they are definitely not the masters of anti guerrilla tactics, what is now called 'asymmetrical warfare' I believe.
  13. It's party politics that's all - when you're in the driving seat you have to accept this kind of criticism. You don't hear it about the Jerries or I-ties and the Poles, whom are all serving albeit in smaller numbers in Afghanistan. But because ol' Brit is so prominent, as usual, we get the flak. I'm sure the US prefers our soldiers to a load of Malaysians or I-ties. Uncle Sam just doesn't like giving out too much praise that's all, and this country enjoys treating it like the petulant child it is. :rose:
  14. So we won't like it if 10,000 die, but we won't mind or turn against the gov if it's only 8,400 that die.

    Every word that comes from that jocks gob is shite, nothing but shite, (and that goes for all subjects).
  15. So why don't you start a petition to No 10 stating your views?

    Or as we say up north is it all wind and piss?
  16. The Yanks comments should not be read as a slur against our brave fighting men but a comment about the governments ability to properly provide them with the wherewithal to do a good job.I remember leading labour politician John Reid saying,when we were sent into Helmand,that he doubted a shot would be fired in anger.If that was the Governments view at the time small wonder that our hopelessly under provided for troops are seen as not being good enough.
  17. Can you be more specific when you say 'under provided'?

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