Were did chirstmas go

Being the first LO opened her Advent calander, I noticed it is now a count down calander with no actually mention of the word christmas or chirstmas related pictures. It counts down to the new year 8O


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Didn't you know? You're not allowed to celebrate crimbo in this country anymore, might upset the Muslims. Besides, Christianity is just as much a foriegn religion as the rest of 'em. And another thing, JC was just a common criminal and got what he deserved.
Anyway, I don't give a stuff, volunteered to cover xmas period.


wompingwillow said:
Being the first LO opened her Advent calander, I noticed it is now a count down calander with no actually mention of the word christmas or chirstmas related pictures. It counts down to the new year 8O
Get with the programme, in out multi cultural society, religous festivals are not to be mentioned under any circumstances with the following religions being exemtp:

Muslim, Hindu, Budhism, Hebrew (partial Only)
For the first time for a couple of years I was able to get hold of Christmas cards with a Christian theme :!: :D But it was the only pack, Iwas bought up to believe in Christian concept :!: I read once that this country will be Muslim in 25 years. That is on the Muslim agenda and our beloved Bliar is helping them to make it happen :evil:

I am not a member of the BNP but :!: :!: :!:


Lantern Swinger
Christmas is a relatively modern name for an old pagan festival, so don't let's get on any hobbyhorses blaming Islam for its passing as a "holy" festival. I was a Catholic who always regretted the hypocrisy of the drunken sods who turned up at midnight mass out of their trees, but doing their "Christmas duty". I've since seen through the crap that is religion, from which almost all of the man-made disasters - wars, mainly - have sprung.

The God that Christians worship, alternatively giving, jealous, merciful, angry and any other bollox that men-in-skirts wish to invent, is a travesty of the human imagination and the original insurance con-trick.

Christmas is a pleasant time of the year, but it's got naff-all to do with Christ, or it would be in September, or whenever he was really born!
wompingwillow said:
Being the first LO opened her Advent calander, I noticed it is now a count down calander with no actually mention of the word christmas or chirstmas related pictures. It counts down to the new year 8O
That's as it should be. The Christian Church took over the old Pagan festivals and surplanted their own which we now call Christmas and Easter - now they are complaining that the same is being done to them - a bit like a kettle calling the pot black I'm afraid. Winterval is a more appropraite and historically honest name for the Winter Pagan Festival than the Mass celebrating Christ's birth (which should technically be in August-September time). Mind you now that I know what Crimbo means, I'll stick to that as it's theologically neutral and I'm a Humanist!

Oh, all those Jack cartoons I couldn't understand make sense now... :wink: :lol:

PS: The Islamic Fundis might want Britain to be an Islamic State in 25 years - just as the Pope would no doubt like us to be a Catholic Nation again in 25 years time and the Hairy Fairy would like us to all be C of E - it AIN'T GOIN TO HAPPEN! It's not just theists who would die for their beliefs - as Aristotle demonstrated - many Athiests have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good too.


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I think that you will be able to get your Advent calender with Christian theme from most of the corner shops run by our Pakistani Muslim brethren.
Most Muslims have no problems whatsoever with Christians celebrating the birth of Christ. In fact Jesus is recognised as a prophet in the Koran. The majority of Muslims I encounter I hard working decent citizens. I think that the problem lies with the do gooders of society who in the misguided belief that something may offend a minority group make changes. Hence winter lights instead of Christmas lights.
The problems we are encountering are of our own making in allowing these cretins to sit on committees and then impose their views on society.
No need to get rid of the Muslims, every need to erase the PC brigade!


If truth be told I do not agree with organised religeon, my problem is why should we avoid the terms Chrismas, Easter etc in case it gives offence. Every non-christian I know has no problem with Christians celebrating their religeous holydays or for that matter non religeos types celebrating them either, just as we should find no offence in them celibrating theirs. If those in power would think or better still consult with the people who they suppose will be offended before they start changing names blogs like this one would not come about - live and let live.

To the vast majority of us crimbo is a time of giving, receiving and getting pissed not a religeous festival and christmas, xmas and the good old crimbo are just names, but they are the ones we are used to, the ones we remember from our childhood so I wish the powers that be would leave well enough alone and find something to change that actually does offend people such as themselves.

In the words of the late gret Dave Allen "Good night and may your God go with you"
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