WEO vs MEO - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sparkasaurus, May 31, 2014.

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  1. WEO vs MEO

    Hi all,

    I was unsuccessful at AIB on my previous attempt but I've decided to take their advice and reapply, this time as an Engineer Officer. My background is civil engineering but I've spent the last year working in cyber and information security - my decision now is which role would I be best suited for.

    I initially drifted towards ME on the basis that there are similarities between my academic background and ME and therefore the training gap wouldn't be so large however the CIS aspect of WE interested me. I was wondering if anyone knew how big a part of the role this would comprise?


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  3. I suspect you would be fine as either bearing in mind that ship systems are probably different to anything you have studied so far. Some might say infosec and cyber will set you up for WE (especially now they 'own' CIS) and they would be right in thinking them relevant, but they are not bread and butter for junior WE officers. I would suggest trying to speak to some serving Engineers about what they actually do. Academic background and OPDEF writing are not closely related (to pick a trivial example).
  4. Depends on wether you want to go Submariner or General Service. In my opinion you sound more suited to going WEO as cyber and IS is definitely within the remit of the WEO rather than the MEO. However.....you may ask to join in the WE stream but depending on the RN requirements you may find that you will be streamed ME.
  5. Sparky,As a Marine Engineer (you wont make MEO (the position) for 12 - 16 years), you'll be dealing with diesels, gas turbines, fire safety, 'some' structural engineering and a lot of administration - in fact you won't really do very much actual engineering at all except as a traineeAs a Weapon Engineer (same as above), you'll be dealing with radars, sonars, telephones, IT systems, communications equipment, guns, explosives and a lot of administration - in fact you won't really do any actual engineering, not even as a trainee.In shore jobs, which will be most of your career, you could end up doing a huge variety of things, very little of it to do with engineering - but be aware, you will wield neither keyboard, nor screwdriver nor spanner in anger (except the keyboard, in the administrative role) - as an officer you are a manager and administrator. 60-70% of your work will have nothing to do with your title. This goes for the other branches too, although in varying percentages at various ranks.At the careers office, you should probably also ask about E(IS) (but these guys are mostly WEs now too and be aware that although you don't 'get streamed', WE or ME remains your choice (if space is available), although you could be pressured / cajoled based on requirement - you may be told that being a submariner is not optional - if you want to join.Ask for an acquaint 'at sea', this is nothing unusual and don't be fobbed off by 'we don't do that' - yes we do, we had a group of Potential Officer & Rating candidates on only a few weeks ago (not together!).
  6. In my branch over 80% of my work has reflected my title.

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  7. Engineering (Information Systems) - E(IS) is no longer an distinct officer branch, the areas of responsibility having been subsumed into the WE branch. Your option is to join as an ME or WE (or AE) and the offer you receive following AIB is specific to a branch You may express a preference for Submarines or Surface at any stage from application to BRNC. The Service will try and honour that preference but subject to requirements and you may be voluntold against your preference whilst at BRNC. How likely this is varies year to year. This year too few submariners, last year too many.
  8. wave_dodger

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    Despite the rhetoric, cyber is nothing especially new. It's an element in the targeting plan, it's a domain we operate in and at the lowest level its an IA issue, which we manage with good systems management.

    The RN doesn't have a recognised set of 'cyber' roles per se - we have roles for a small number of CTs, WE and CIS Ratings & Senior Rates. There are an even smaller number of Officers in some cyber roles, ranging from policy, programmes, Cyber Defence Ops and training but this doesn't some close to resembling a cadre, and I'm not sure it ever will.

    The RAF rightly or wrongly have established firm foothold in Cyber at all levels and have created especially good links with the US Cybercom and 24th AF.

    As for general CIS, you will spend an initial period undergoing systems training then a DWEO tour; thereafter I suspect you will be able to start to broaden out into CIS and as the WE branch has now subsumed the E(IS) cadre there are a lot more opportunities.
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