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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by older_joiner, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. Hello all

    Quick question.

    I went down to the Navy Day in Portsmouth yesterday (excellent btw, I think I managed to see all of the ships except the RFA Argus) and got speaking with a few officers. Unfortunately I didn't get to speak to anyone in the line of work I'm interested in (indeed didn't find any of the senior ratings, but there was a lot of see so no dramas), however a point was raised from someone else in the process (albeit still at uni and not having done the RT yet).
    He said he was nervous as there are only a limited (he mentioned 2) number of WEO places per year. I'm not inclined to ring up my AFCO to just ask about that, however I will ask the question during the next contact I have with them.
    Does anyone happen to know the validity of this.

    At being somewhat older, I was wondering if, all things being equal, a younger person would be picked over a more, shall we say mature candidate.
  2. Age should and will not be taken into account when it comes to promotion/advancement at all. It is entirely down to the merit of the Man/Woman.

    WEO and in fact any HOD job is a very difficult job often requiring long hours and often finding it difficult to fit in leave.

    You also probably wont reach Lt Cdr level as a WE officer for 8-12 years, having had to do a wide variety of jobs as well as having been a DWEO supporting the WEO and being involved in not only the day to day running of a department but being involved in the longer term planning as well as whole ship evolotions.

    Unfortunatly Gods branch does seem to have a bit of a dead mans shoes promotion structure, but if you shine, there is no reason to be worried. If your good enough, you will get there.

    Only the best get through for a reason, it mean that us damn ratings get looked after from the heavens, and the CO get a bloody well run department providing equiptment working.
  3. Frank, I think you have misunderstood the question. I believe that when OJ says "WEO places per year" he is referring to places available as trainee Officers of the Weapons Engineering specialisation at Dartmouth, not as 'the WEO' of a ship.

    I would say three things on this.
    1. I have no idea how many new-entrant places there are annually for WE style officers.
    2. For those not (yet) serving, WEO and MEO are the titles of the senior officers of that specialisation on a ship. Please avoid using those abbreviations when you actually mean 'an officer of the Weapons/Marine Engineering branch', or you will confuse people.
    3. I am not surprised you couldn't find any WE Senior Rates yesterday. You should try going back on a Wednesday.
  4. The RN is looking at recruiting approx 30 Weapon Engineering Officers during the next year. All AFCO's are aware of this.
  5. Sorry Wednesday is sports make & mend :p
  6. WE senior rates will be found in the mess acting as Mess Deck Security/Working.

    Tend to only venture out if there is a real problem or the milk runs out.

    0800-1000 Morning Coffee
    1000-1030 Stand Easy (Jeremy Kyle)
    1030-1200 Admin (in the mess over coffee obviously)
    1200-1315 Lunch
    1315-1600 Make and mend, e-mails and personel admin, divisional work, or quiet afternoon nap
    1600 Bar
  7. The quickest way to find a WE SR is to go in the mess and ring the bell.
  8. Apologies for the in correct use of terminology.

    Unfortunately I work from 09.30-18.00, so popping down on a weekday is a no go for myself.
  9. Thanks for the alternative bit of input there.
    Appreciate the different view point of the role.

    Thanks for the information.

    Is that split over the new intakes, or are they generally taken in one batch as it were per year?
  10. The quickest way to find a WE SR is to go in the mess and ring the bell.

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