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So I sat my psychometric test yesterday, I was applying for an engineering officer role but was told I hadn't made the mark on my numeracy.(off by a couple marks) Well obviously I was a rating role and told that I would have the ability to do it at a later stage in my naval career. I have been searching online and found a comment that as a rating your not going to get offered a chance to become and officer for 15 years into your stint. I do have my engineering degree and understand it is a prerequisite before applying for an officer role.

Really my question is with an engineering degree and being a rating would this span of 15 years apply to me or would it expedite it at all? i.e.. would it be possible in the first 5-7 years?
My mate joined as a chef, 4 years later he was at Britannia training to be a warfare officer it can be done, just got to put the effort in
I wouldn't say so just on the day I didn't perform. I had no problems with timing in my practise exams/books just had to guess 5 questions as I was running out of time.

But I will say that degrees are allot easier to obtain than it once was.
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I just searched for the Upper Yardman scheme on the RN website and came up with a nil result. Unbelievable!

I have known junior Upper Yardmen enter BRNC Dartmouth from about three years after their Divisional Officers raised papers on them. Does this still happen?
If it helps at all I am 24 next week and was told it was a two month wait for the rating role.
I also just found this tid bit from some fb not sure if it relevant or out of date as it was posted in 2012.

Upper Yardmen
Upper Yardmen are ratings picked out as suitable for training and advancement direct to officer rank. In the days of sail, the men who manned the upper yards were generally regarded as the smartest men in the ship.
The officer corps of the Royal Navy is the cadre of personnel holding a commission from the sovereign appointing them in a position of authority in the Royal Navy. There are three main routes of entry to the officer corps; direct entry, professional entry and the upper yardman scheme.
Direct entrants are recruited as civilians and undertake a full course of training to become employable. Professional entrants are individuals who have qualified professionally in the civilian environment and their employment in the Royal Navy will use these qualifications. These are doctors, dentists, nursing officers and chaplains.
The upper yardman scheme allows for ratings identified as potential officers to be selected for commissioning training and operates in two ways. An upper yardman under 30 years of age will join a direct entry class, undertakes the same training path and is otherwise treated as a direct entrant. Candidates for upper yardman can transfer to any specialisation in the officer corps.
The senior upper yardman scheme allows for very experienced ratings identified as potential specialist officers to be commissioned. Candidates for the senior upper yardman scheme will be over 35 years of age and undertake a short training period at Dartmouth before being employed within the same specialisation as their rating career.
Initial officer training is undertaken at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth and at sea undergoing initial sea training. Junior officers are appointed to seagoing ships for common and specialist fleet time and will then undertake specialist training as appropriate to their branch.
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If you have an engineering degree is it accredited and all that? Was your result terrible or do you have the option of retaking it in 12 months?
Yeah it's accredited with IET, funnily enough it was going to be given chartered status from the math/physics we were doing was to a high level but last minute they said no.

In the literacy section I came in on the mark, numeracy section I was 3 marks shy and mechanical comprehension I was well over the mark. He gave me the option to think about it for the weekend and can see that joining as as rating allows to be to be closer to working in my "dream job"
If it was me and i was eligible for officer i would wait the 12 months (if they permit you to) and retake the RT, especially having the relevant degree. That said its not like being a Rating is a consellation prize or anything, so depends what you want really :) good luck in whatever you decide, it must have been really frustrating to be a few marks off!
Do not know where the 15 years dit came from, I hade been in less than 3 years when I was asked if I wanted my papers raised, admittedly that was over 20 years ago, but I cannot see it having changed that much.

btw I declined, I was having too much fun as a JR, and I knew it was bloody hard work!


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I have known junior Upper Yardmen enter BRNC Dartmouth from about three years after their Divisional Officers raised papers on them. Does this still happen?
I'm not sure of the current regs (but will chase) - when I was a DO at BRNC I had a lad join as an UY Logs who was extracted from Raleigh and I've also know people wait considerably longer, so I suspect the route is there, you just have to apply yourself.
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Shipmate, gen dit time. UY is up to 27 years of age and LH or any old tiffs who take a year out for a civvey degree. But I think those ballast ratings are now all through.

SUY is a rating who has been a PO for 12 months or a LH with a age / rank waiver and 28 or older.

From my vast decades of naval recruiting experience (couple of users is a mess deck and the hogwarts that is BRNC) people who choose to go down the UY route have to drive it, some have finished phase 3 training and attended BRNC some have done a few years then attended.

I would say IMHO it is all down to your drive, determination and the interaction with your DO. Unfortunately it is no longer online but BR 3, chap 50 covers both schemes. Not sure if the AFCO will go through this with you, I'm sure some 3 badge rum rat will enhance my posting.

Ninja stoker I believe is the recruiting guru?
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Just to correct here... UY is up the age of 26 and SUY is from age 26.

For those looking for BR 3 on the RN Website, the latest version has been approved for release publicly (it's now in a shiny shite gold colour on the Defence Intranet), however there is an issue which is preventing it being uploaded.

However, when it eventually does come up, you'll want Chapter 50.

The thing is, once you do enter as a Rating and you still want the papers raising, make sure that this is known as soon as possible, don't let your DO fob you off and, if you progress past Phase 2 and onto ships, if your DO does try fobbing you off, then you still have the DEPCO route.
Thanks for all the information from all and just to say that I rang up and all is good, I've got my selection interview for the middle of August but I was adamant at the RT to the "Staff" of my intentions. Thanks again and when the BR 3 does come up on-line I will definitely be studying it.
Thought I may give a little update on my progress.

So had my interview for the rating role about a month ago and knew I my stuff but as with everything more could have been done. I passed "barely" and the recruiter must have seen this thread and gave me a bit of the elbow that it wasn't just two marks as I willfully boasted but my english which had also let me down in my RT. At the end of this I got forms for medical/eye test and my security clearance.

But moving forward I had me medical during the week and let me tell you it pays to be early as I found out when I landed that my medical was moved back half an hour. Given the all clear I have my PJFT at the end of the month which I have been doing plenty of training for. I handed in my referees for my clearance on the day of my medical and was told I will more than likely be in uniform by this time next year. But I could still do my PJFT due to me possessing a British passport.
Congratulations on being accepted for rating entry.
I think the results of your attempt for officer bears out my statement that degree standards seem to have been somewhat interfered with.
Before I started an ONC course (many years ago I was required to have both GCE English and Math passes (GCE was the forerunner of GCSE).
Having gained these I still found level 3 maths a challenge.
If you have managed to finish a degree and find it difficult to pass the entrance exam I would be asking questions of my university about their levels of tuition.
All is not lost though, the RN gives each person an annual education allowance. It is probably worth your while retaking GCSE English and Maths followed by the relevant A levels.
You already have the degree so your progression to officer is still a good idea but you will have to shine as a rating.
best of luck
More news from the forward front!! So I've had my PJFT and it was no problem and at it I was told I could expect to get a place at Raleigh for April time. Moving on about a week later I get a phone call that I have an entry date for the 7th of December and PRNC for the 10th of November. So in preparation I am doing allot more running and swimming almost daily, I still don't have my SC but I may be done phase 1 by that gets sorted.

When do we get off for Christmas? As looking to book flights home in advance.

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