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Went for eye test today, feeling pretty gutted.


Hi everyone, this is my first post but I'm a longtime lurker :)

I am currently a 2nd year with my University Naval Unit, and absolutely love it. I have made many friends and learnt a hell of a lot, including what career options are open to me in the Royal Navy. I am very keen to join as a Medical Assistant.

Trouble is, I went for an eye test today, and I have gone from -5 to -8 since my last test 2 years ago. I am feeling very disappointed now because I know the absolute limit for Royal Navy vision is -6 (unless you want to be a chaplain). So I'm 2 dioptres off the limit and the worst thing is I can't even get laser eye surgery because you still have to be within those same limits before your surgery.

I know I'm doomed and probably just clutching at straws here, but does anyone know why there is a limit on pre-operative prescriptions? Doesn't make sense to me, as surely the end result is the most important?
Thanks for reading


War Hero
Well it seems you have answered all or most of your own questions/thoughts? If you are really keen on joining what's your Bible work like? and get used to being called the Bish


Eyesight is a bummer tbh, an issue which you have little to no control over. I don't want to give out false hope as 2 dioptres is pretty large, but my eyes recovered from over -1 (VA2) to 0.50 (VA1) when my eyes started to mature at around 22. As far as I know your eyes are subject to strain, water intake etc but like it said 2 dioptres is pretty big.


Thanks for the replies. To be honest I'm thinking of asking for another eye test at a different opticians, as I'm not entirely happy with the jump in 2 dioptres. I've tried my new lenses today and my long distance eyesight is actually worse with them. I got them from the Asda Optician.

Does the Navy have a list of approved Opticians I could go to for a test?


There's a post in the past stating that its Boots, as they will conduct a standard across the UK for initial military eye exams. Whether that can be broken and another party can be used, I'm not sure and best to go speak to your AFCO ( or wait for Ninja).

Have you had your medical? If so, did the Doctor say anything?
I've heard of doctors who have given applicants a second eye test because they felt the individual could potentially improve. Like I said tbh, 2 diopters is really quite a big jump. I'm currently -0.50 (6/9 as of April this year ) and the gap between this and 6/6 vision is pretty big.
But I'm not a Doctor nor an Optician. Maybe go get a private eyesight test done from another company like Specsavers, see if there's a difference.


Ah yes its funny you should mention private sector, as I have used a private optician before and I came out with a 1 dioptre improvement to what the NHS gave me. I will definitely see about getting an eye test with Boots though, thanks


Have you ever wondered how independent opticians can survive in the face of competition from the big chains, I mean, you pay more for the frames, there are not as many buy one get a pair of sunglasses free etc etc from the independents, I can give you my take on this, especially as someone who uses an independent - they tend to be better at their job! They give a damn, as they have a vested interest in the business rather than just picking up a pay slip. My advice would be to have a look around, see if there is a good independent opticians in the area, ask friends and family who wear glasses who they use and WHY, then go use the opticians who look to be the best
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