Welsh to get free prescriptions.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by slim, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Not content with having more per head on benefits the Welsh want even more for free. Looks like the rest of the UK will have to pay for them to have free prescriptions now.


    Why is it that the Welsh assembly can make laws applicable to Wales but which require the rest of the UK to pay for?
  2. There is a new protocol that we as Ambulance personnel follow whereby we ask the patient or relative to bring their prescribed medication with them when going to A&E. This is primarily a money saving measure, but is also to ensure that the right medication is given if admitted.

  3. So will it mean an exodus of patients hammering over to Jones The Pill's shop for a freebie from England?
  4. It's ok were English we'll pay for it , fxxxxxxxxxxg fuming , :twisted:
  5. I don't quite see where you have to pay, it would appear this is paid for out of the Welsh assembly budget, not through some new special tax on the English. As a result of course that money may not be spent on something else.

    Of course if you want free prescriptions in England, vote for a party that supports it.

    Mind you as the population ages more and more of us will get them free anyway as the number of over 60s rises.
  6. Why do people always want parity by lowering the bar. Think outside the box; if the Welsh can afford it, why can't you ? Prescriptions cost about £7.50 apiece. As one of the most taxed nations on earth, don't we deserve it ? Discuss.
  7. The Welsh assembly budget is not without limits. If you read the last paragraph it will be seen that a certain direcor is hoping that the government will pay.

    Last paragraph
    Director Richard Greville said: "Increasing demand on the medicines budget will mean newer, more innovative medicines will be even more difficult to access for patients in Wales.

    "We do hope that the government will ensure that there'll be appropriate funding for this new policy," he added.

    I rest my case :shock:
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    longshanks would be turning in his grave, conquer and tax, not conquer and pay more tax. just like the jocks and free education
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Tricky one this, I actually agree with rogerthecabinboy in that it would be all too easy to submit to the politics of envy, "why should they get x when we don't" The reality is that in the vision for the UK Health and Social system we would all have had free health care end of dit(is it ever really free when you contribute to it for the whole of your working life), the reality is that it's gone to crap.

    Devolution is creating a them and us system where University education is cheaper in Scotland than England and now apparently drugs are to be free in Wales but not England, the distribution of our Nations wealth is getting more and more disproportionate and I think most people are aware that is nothing more than bribary on the part of a Government which is losing its credibility faster than I am losing my hair. I have been a Labour Supporter my whole life because I believe in the Social State, this shower of shite have left me looking for something which doesn't yet seem to exist: A political party that represents the people who put it there, gives the Country what it needs to be successful and maintains the promises it makes when it is elected into power. When they come along they will have to convince me that they know who they work for and aren't just self serving tossers more interested in being internationally popular and wealthy than ensuring their citizens get the Health, Security and Social Care that they deserve and that would include free drugs to those who need them.
  10. As an old git over 60 I do not pay for my prescriptions. However this is the case for all male and female English, Scots or Welsh. As an Englishman however I do believe in a level playing field. If I as a taxpayer am informed that I must pay a portion of my tax to provide extra benefits for those residents of Scotland & Wales but these benefits would be withheld from the English I am more than slightly annoyed.
    If we are going to split the UK into separate countries then let each country provide its own revenue. The residents of these countries can then decide if they wish to pay the extra taxes required to fund various projects.

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